Students share their Career Fair on the Fox experiences

Samantha St. Louis

My experience at the career fair was a positive one. I was able to talk to the Department of Health Services, which specializes in mental health and substance abuse services. It is a correctional type of facility, which is exactly where I would want to work in the future. I want to be a forensic psychologist and the mental health side of corrections fascinates me. I also found out that they offer an internship which is a really good opportunity for me in the future.

The other booth that was beneficial to me was Marquette Graduate School. I am looking at applying to their Clinical Psychology PHD program. I had a few questions that I was able to get answered. Without visiting the booth, I would have been forced to call the school but the booth made my life much easier. The booth attendant was also able to give me a date and time of the open house. If I attend the open house, I will be able to save on the application fee.

It was fun to dress up professionally and get to experience a bit of the real world job market. It was a good chance to network and get some questions answered. I think everyone at UWO should visit the job fair at some point and get the experience.

Eric Xiong

I was a little intimidated, but satisfied with the experience. It was quite interesting to see that so many large-scale corporations were looking to hire new recruits. I haven’t declared a major yet, but this experience has given me more ideas toward some degrees I would like to pursue.

I was able to find a very appealing job opening. Besides having to meet with a woman who taught English in Japan, the position required a four year degree in any major and for you to teach English in Japan. I found that interesting because I hear of so many graduates who have difficulties finding a job in the U.S. This would be a great alternative for those who may find themselves in these types of situations. Also, working overseas could only better your resume.

The Career Fair is a great opportunity for incoming freshman to learn more about the types of jobs out there and it could help them decide a major if they’re still undeclared. It is also a great networking opportunity that helps you bond with potential employers.

Matthew Smith

Getting prepared for the career fair was actually more chaotic and stressful than being there. From what I had been told the experience would be intimidating, hurried, and all around a bit confusing but once I got there I was pleasantly surprised that it was a well organized event with lots of friendly people. It was very refreshing to see that many of these companies were names and businesses I grew up with, such as Toys R Us and Harley Davidson. This made it a lot easier to walk up to them.

As far as the employer booths went, it was a little like being at the carnival. You could walk the isles and stop and talk to anyone who looked interesting. All the people I talked to were very friendly and informative; even if I wasn’t sure the jobs they were offering would be my first choice. It was nice to chat with them about what they did and how they got to where they are, and they all seemed more than happy to talk to me.

Even though I chose not to bring in my resume, as I don’t plan on graduating within the year, I had many people ask for mine, which struck me because I thought it would have been a “please take my resume thing”. To all future Career Fair goers, I recommend dressing the part and staying calm, cool and collected. It can be intimidating, but just realize employers are people too. They’ve been where you are and they want to talk to you!

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