Degree/Major/Graduation year: BBA ’09 (Supply Chain and Operations Management major) and MBA ‘12

Current Employer and Position: Oshkosh Corp, Production Manager

Current City: Oshkosh 

Food you couldn’t live without: Ribs

Favorite Hobbies: Boating, Golf, Shooting

Favorite movie: Happy Gilmore

Favorite class taken or professor at UWO and why: Dr. Godfrey. He is a great teacher because of his work experience before becoming a professor. His real work examples help marry the class material to the working world. He spends a lot of time helping students find jobs before and after graduation. 

What were you involved in while at UWO (clubs, sports, internships, ect)? APICS, Marketing Club, and an internship at Oshkosh Corp.

How did you get your first job after graduation? Internship played a huge part. Students needs to have this experience to be competitive in the working world. 

How does your current career path differ from your college ideals? Not too much different than what I was picturing after graduation. I did not want a job where I was in an office all day. Operations at Oshkosh was a perfect match for me. 

What is your best piece of advise for current COB students? Network! You learn skills that will help you through the difficulties off getting a job out of school.