Tim racing in the Racine Half Ironman.

Degree/Major/Graduation year: BS in Studio Art, MBA with an emphasis in Marketing

Current Employer and Position: Rawhide, Inc. and Donation Operations and Marketing Director

Current City: Oshkosh

Food you couldn’t live without: Fruits, Veggies and Lean Meat

Favorite Hobbies: Reading (biographies, science, business and philosophy), training for triathlons, drawing portraits and  personal journal writing

Favorite movie:  Bourne Identity, Forest Gump and Wall Street

Favorite class taken or professor at UWO and why: Professor Bryan Lilly; he is bottomless pit of information, frank, real and is secure enough to wear jogging pants from the 80s to class.

What were you involved in while at UWO (clubs, sports, internships, ect)? I paid for my college bills on my own and had little time to do anything but study and work. I learned a lot about marketing, packaging, business processes, and customer service from working as a delivery guy at Dominos pizza in Neenah.  Always tip the delivery guy/gal. I currently provide internships for marketing and operations management students at Rawhide.

How did you get your first job after graduation? I worked as an insurance agent for Northwestern Mutual Financial Network in Wisconsin and Chicago.

Obstacles are uniquely disguised as opportunities.

How does your current career path differ from your college ideals? I actually wanted to be an illustrator and had gone to Pratt Art Institute in Brooklyn, New York, but made a decision to go back to Wisconsin to complete my studies at UW Oshkosh. I then discovered that I needed a business degree if I wanted to work with clients and pursued a job in sales. I graduated with a BS degree with a minor from the COB and later got my Master’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in marketing.

What is your best piece of advise for current COB students?  Volunteer to get your foot in the door. Focus on the solution. Be problem solvers. Be project managers. Master the tools of technology. Think about where the puck is going. Be imaginative and creative (bring your skills from the sandbox). Your mom never told you what to build, where to pile up the sand and what to imagine. Adults spend more time discussing and making plans about a solution. Kids spend more time on testing solutions. Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge. Be willing to risk it all by making mistakes.   Be self-directed within the parameters of your responsibilities. Have a good attitude when facing obstacles and work hard.