Age: 29

Major/Emphasis/Minor: Human Resources Management major

Favorite Class Taken: My favorite class so far has been Organizational Behavior Management with Ashay Desai.

Food you couldn’t live without: I could not live without Pizza and Lobster (or both at the same time).

Kade-Michael at the rifle range.

Hobbies Outside of Class: I enjoy taking my FS2000 to the rifle range and practice shooting with my fiancé and my soldiers. I currently hold the rank of Sergeant First class in the National Guard, and am the platoon sergeant for fires section for the 1-105th Cavalry out of Madison.

My fiancé, Sarah, and I go to as many concerts together as we can. We recently saw Taproot, a band I listened to a lot while deployed to Kuwait in 2004-2005. I met Sarah at an invitational track meet in Wautoma, Wisconsin, eleven years ago. We were both sprinters then, and she didn’t have anyone to hold her blocks, so I asked her if I could. We didn’t talk for some time, and I moved to Appleton, and was sent to Kuwait for the military.  She found me on Facebook a year and a half ago.  We soon began to take many trips back and forth from Appleton (where she lived) to Wisconsin Rapids (Where I was taking business courses).

I also like to play Call of Duty, and work out at Gold’s Gym in Appleton, Wisconsin.

How did you get involved with the Appleton Knights semipro football team? I ran into an old friend, and learned about his recent business venture.  I needed to interview a business owner for my Managerial Accounting class at the University, and I noticed the sign on the way advertising the team.  A short inquiry got me enough info to find them online.  I filled out their interest form online, and when Matt Hill (the coach) read it a few minutes later, he called asking me if I could try out that night (It was on my birthday, January 20th of this year).  I ended up trying out two weeks later, and was named the starting quarterback about a month ago.

Favorite movie: The Matrix

Why did you choose UWO COB? I chose UWO and COB because I want to provide a good life for my new family. I am a really good leader and motivator, and the military has given me the confidence I need to be successful. I like working with people, and learning/understanding why they make certain choices (which is why I really enjoyed OBM).

What is your internship experience and what have you learned from this experience? I haven’t had an internship yet, but I’ve served in the Wisconsin National Guard for 12 years and am now a Sergeant First Class. This has given me a lot of leadership experience that will serve me well in the business world.

What advice do you have for younger COB students? My advice to younger students is this. “It is better to have tried and failed, then to never have tried at all.” Apply this quote to your life. Don’t be afraid to be uncertain. Try things, make mistakes, and strive to be better and have clearer focus the next time.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Ten years from now I want to be building my architectural business with a focus on “Green building.”