Kenny in Drum Corps

Age: 30

Major/Emphasis/Minor: Human Resource Management

Clubs/Involvement: I’ve been involved with SHRM since Fall 2011, and I am currently serving as the secretary for Spring 2012.

Favorite Class Taken: BUS 361 Essentials of HR… Why? Because I had the great Dale Feinauer. If you have a class with him and it doesn’t become your favorite, you’ve got something wrong with you!

Food you couldn’t live without: Rice! it is the ultimate side dish. Don’t have bread? Put it on rice! I guess thats what I get for being half Filipino

Hobbies Outside of Class: Well, I am a dad, so I’m not allowed to have hobbies anymore! I would say spending time with my son, Nathan, is most important to me. Also, Drum Corps is a big part of my life. I marched for 12 years. If you don’t know what Drum Corps is, you should look it up on youtube. It’s pretty much professional marching band.

Favorite movie: I would have to say that my ALL TIME favorites are all of the Star Wars movies. Yes, I am a Fanboy, and proud of it! I also have to put Fight Club and Half Baked up at the top.

Why did you choose UWO COB? There are a few reasons I chose UWO COB. First, my wife and many of our friends have graduated from the COB and have only had wonderful things to say about the college and the professors. I have heard so much about Dr Moon and Dale. Second, I own a house in Oshkosh, so that made the choice quite simple.

What is your internship experience and what have you learned from this experience? When I was getting my first degree, I was an intern for the Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps. I was in charge of about 200 people touring all over the United Stated, 24 hours a day from May until Mid-August. I learned so much that summer about effective time management and how to deal with many types of people. I am also just starting a new internship, so maybe in a couple months I can tell you about that.

What advice do you have for younger COB students? Get involved and become a leader. There are so many clubs out there and that is the best way to market and brand yourself. Also use every person you meet as a possible network connection, you may never know where that person will be in the future.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Hopefully I will have won the lottery by that point and I’ll be on a life-long vacation traveling around the world with no cares. In reality, I would love to be in business consulting, helping businesses either get off their feet or to have them continue in their efforts in becoming successful.