I am Katie Rasoul, and I have been working at Target for over 6 years now following my December 2005 graduation from UW Oshkosh.  I finished my Bachelor’s degrees in Finance and French, and I am currently a Store Team Leader running a Target store in the Milwaukee area that does about $40 Million in sales per year with an average of 200 team members.

How I Joined Target
I went to an internship career fair on campus with the plan to land one internship in particular.  While at the fair, I saw the Target table and it looked pretty popular.  I went to my Target interview thinking I was just doing it for experience (because I really wanted this other job), and I had so much fun at the interview that I knew immediately that was the company I preferred to work for.  I struggled with the decision because it was not directly related to my major, but decided it was worth the risk.  I completed the internship, took an Executive Team Leader position following graduation, and have been at Target ever since.  It was the best decision I have ever made!

What I Learned from College
Even though my degrees weren’t exactly in retail, I can assure you that simply investing in myself for a 4-year degree was what I needed to be successful in a career out of college.  Looking back, here are some of the things that I learned in college that had nothing to do with the subject matter of the classes, and are among the most important skills I have for my job today:

□     Organization and Time Management: How to use a planner, and juggle multiple responsibilities competing for your time.

□     Conflict Resolution: Two words for you…group work.  I disliked it just as much as the rest of you, but believe me, it taught me how to talk to people who were not pulling their weight in a manner that is respectful and impactful.

□     Communication: Speaking to others, especially in front of groups, became much easier through college, and I use this all day, every day.

My Advice to Students
Take leadership opportunities everywhere, and work on your skills to lead yourself, lead a team, put together strategies, and get results.  These present themselves daily, and if you are not taking advantage, you won’t have much to show for it when you get to the workplace, or to the interview.

Also,  As you are interviewing, look at the company culture that matches you, not just the position.  The company culture has always impacted my day more than the job has.  My boss, the people I work with, and the fact that I am appreciated for my individuality makes me excited to go to work in the morning!