Kelly Novotny (Basasie) - BBA '11


Name: Kelly Novotny (Besasie)

Degree/Major/Graduation year: BBA Accounting and Finance; Graduated December 2010

Current Employer and Position: Auditor at Deloitte

Current City: Milwaukee

Food you couldn’t live without: Grilled cheese with soup

Favorite Hobbies: Reading and watching movies

Favorite movie: Meet Me in St. Louis

Favorite class taken or professor at UWO and why: I enjoyed most of my classes at UWO, but my favorite was Audit with Dr. Cross. Dr. Cross set up a simulation audit for us to complete on teams. I was able to experience what auditing was actually like, and that gave me some comfort in pursuing and accepting an auditing position at Deloitte.

What were you involved in while at UWO (clubs, sports, internships, ect)? Activities on Campus: COB Ambassadors, Accounting Club & Beta Alpha Psi, Honors Program & Honors Student Association. Internships: Tax internship at Baker Tilly and Defense Finance internship at Oshkosh Corporation.

How did you get your first job after graduation? The Big 4 firms do not currently recruit from UWO, so it is more difficult to get a position with one. Someone that I worked with at Oshkosh Corporation during my internship passed my resume along to one of his contacts at Deloitte, and Deloitte then contacted me for an interview.

How does your current career path differ from your college ideals? I’m actually doing what I always pictured myself doing following graduation. I knew starting in public accounting, particularly at Deloitte, would give me the best opportunity to achieve my future career goals.

What is your best piece of advise for current COB students? Make the most out of your time in college and set yourself up to achieve your career goals following graduation. Get good grades, pursue internships that interest you and will help you to identify what your career goals are, and maintain connections with some of the people you meet along the way.