Recommendation from Dr. Bill Wresch

I think Fareed Zakaria’s The Post American World – release 2.0 is a good read. Zakaria is a journalist many people see each Sunday on CNN. In the Post-American World, he reflects on “the rise of the rest,” explaining that much of the world has done remarkably well in the last decade. Places that we still think of as “third world” have seen significant improvements in their standard of living.  He puts a special focus on China and India explaining their rise.

The book might initially be seen as a description of American decline, but it really is better than that. It gives histories of China, India, and England that will be new and interesting for most people, and while he does have some concerns for the U.S., he also is quick to explain where we still maintain competitive advantages.

For those interested in international business, it is worth the time. It is a relatively fast read and is interesting enough that you may find yourself quoting it to people.