Dr. Mike Godfrey and Dr. Andrew Manikas

Dr. Mike Godfrey and Dr. Andrew Manikas were honored for their collaborative efforts on two different papers by receiving Outstanding Research awards at the Institute for Business and Finance Research’s annual Global Conference on Business and Finance Research this past May. This is the third year in a row that these professors have been formally recognized for their research together.

The conference, held in San Jose, Costa Rica, gave the pair an opportunity to present their papers entitled Integrating Sustainability Concepts into a Management Science Course and An Exploratory Study of Evolutionary Algorithm Parameters. These papers focused on how to infuse sustainability concepts into a management science constraint curriculum and using simulation to investigate parameter settings for the use of Genetic Algorithms to effectively solve problems like sequence dependent job shop scheduling, respectively.

Godfrey and Manikas collaborated for about six months on the papers.

“Developing research starts first with a rigorous review of the current state of knowledge in the select field.  That process alone significantly aids professors in keeping up to date with new developments and findings in their area.  Further, developing insights into new teaching methods and finding new solutions to complex problems allows us to develop and deliver more effective courses,” Manikas said.

The papers were then submitted separately for a double blind peer review and were then considered for awards.

Manikas said, “The SCM major continues to be at the forefront of seamlessly integrating triple-bottom-line concepts into all our courses.  It is our faculty’s dedication to research of this caliber that demonstrates a commitment to sustainability that students and employers understand.”

Godfrey has been teaching at UW Oshkosh for 11 years and in addition to serving as the Department Chair for the Marketing and Supply Chain Management department, he also teaches an MBA classes, both in the classroom and online. Manikas has been a professor at UW Oshkosh for four years and currently teaches two MBA courses in Green Bay and Oshkosh and teaches two sections of Advanced Quality Management.