Name: David Rathsack

Age: 23

Major/Emphasis/Minor: Marketing Major / Journalism Minor (PR Emphasis)

Clubs/Involvement: I have had the wonderful opportunity of being involved with some amazing organizations and campus involvement positions.  For three years I was a part of the University Speaker Series and from September 2008 – May 2010 I was fortunate enough to lead the committee as Chairperson.  During that same time I was also part of the Titan Gold Corps, a small yet elite group of student ambassadors for the UW Oshkosh admissions office.  In the fall of 2009 I was lucky enough to be crowned the UW Oshkosh homecoming king and during the summer of 2010 I served as an Odyssey captain during freshman orientation. Last year I created the UWO Social Media Club alongside a few of my fellow classmates and have co-chaired the committee for two years now.

Favorite Class Taken: Although I have taken multiple classes I thoroughly enjoyed, no class has stood out more than my Essentials of Human Resources class with Dale Feinauer.  I can honestly say Dale fundamentally changed the way I look at life.  He taught me the importance of empowering those around you by sharing a quote from the famous Al McGuire, stating “they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  No words have moved me more than these.

Food you couldn’t live without: Pizza: any kind, anywhere, anytime.

Hobbies Outside of Class: I am a social media fanatic.  I love keeping up with the latest industry trends and learning from professionals via Twitter. I am also an avid music lover; I feel there should be a soundtrack to my life.

Favorite movie: Inception

Why did you choose UWO COB? I have a family history here at UW Oshkosh and the College of Business.  My Dad, uncle, and grandfather all graduated from here and have gone on to successful careers.  It also helped that I lived in Oshkosh for the past eleven years.  Although these elements did factor into my decision it was not the main reason I chose this amazing institution.  I initially had plans to go my own route and attend an out-of-state D-1 university. However, after my campus visit, my gut reaction was telling me it wasn’t the right fit for me.  I wrote down the pro’s and con’s and gave myself three days to decide whether or not I would stay at that D-1 university or come back home to UW Oshkosh.  On the third day I was driving around Oshkosh and happen to be following a car with the license plate that said “Go to UWO.”  I am person of faith and truly believe it was a sign from God, because it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

What is your internship experience and what have you learned from this experience? My first internship was as the Lead Marketing Intern for Reeve Marketing at Reeve Memorial Union. I learned the importance of creativity, meeting deadlines and clientele relations.  In my current internship at Pierce Manufacturing I have learned extreme multi-tasking, editing, web development, content management and search engine optimization.

What advice do you have for younger COB students? Network early and network often.  As we all know, practice makes perfect.  The more experience you gain speaking with employers the more comfortable you become around them.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? I honestly can’t answer this question.  I plan on working for an interactive marketing agency but I believe business is forever changed now that social media has entered the realm of marketing and public relations.  Since the world of online, digital and mobile marketing is continually evolving all I can hope for is to love what I do and that I am in an organization where I can add value to a business’s marketing efforts.

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