As students filed into the Oshkosh Convention Center, they donned professional business attire and came prepared with stacks of business cards to share with the business professionals from over 41 different organizations.

For students who were already admitted to the COB, this event was mandatory. Professional Development Director, Jessie Pondell, explained the importance of this event for students. “The UW Oshkosh College of Business sets itself apart by preparing our students both academically and professionally.  Professional networking is an essential skill for a successful business professional.”

This night provides students the chance to practice and improve their networking skills, interact with business professionals and to set their own personal networking goals. “The developmental aspect is the main focus, but because our students are networking with business professionals, another outcome for many students is the connections for future internships or full-time employment opportunities,” Pondell said.

Students were only required to be there for certain portions of the four-hour event. Arrival times varied based on major and previous attendance at Networking Night. This allowed time to meet with the Networking Night newcomers separately. “By meeting with all first-time attendees alone, we were able to focus on the basic nuts and bolts of networking,” Pondell said.

This year’s Platinum Sponsor was Northwestern Mutual Financial Network-The Holter Group. Feedback from students, staff, business professionals and faculty will help plan the next networking night in fall 2012.

Watch the Oshkosh Northwestern Streetwise video on the event: