Raj Kamalapurkar, Supply Chain and Operations Management

Total Years Teaching? 4 years

Classes you will be teaching this fall at UWO? BUS 342 – Analytical Methods in Operations Management and BUS 343 – Manufacturing Planning and Control

Hometown? Kalamazoo, Michigan. Not born here, but have lived here for nearly twenty years

Hobbies outside of school? I enjoy playing golf and tennis with my son and with my friends. I enjoy listening to music and also enjoy singing with karaoke music just for fun.

Undergraduate/Graduate schools? Undergraduate: Gulbarga University, India and Graduate: Western Michigan University (M.S and Ph.D)

Dissertation Topic? Benefits of CPFR and VMI Collaboration Strategies in a Variable Demand Environment

When did you know you wanted to become a teacher? I have worked more than seven years in the industry as a Senior Design Engineer. However, I always believed that my ultimate career goal was to teach at the university. So after working several years in industry to gain real world experience, I decided to come back to school to get my doctoral degree to pursue a career in academics.

Favorite thing/memory about teaching? Teaching is a great profession where we can have a huge impact on student’s lives. I have been teaching for nearly four years and have many good memories of teaching. One of the favorite things about teaching is having the opportunity to inspire the students and be able to make a difference in their life and their career.

Current area(s) of research? Supply Chain Collaboration (CPFR), Production Planning and Inventory Management, Simulation Modeling and Analysis

What are you looking forward to most about teaching at UWO? I truly believe that teaching is a great profession and I really look forward to motivate and inspire the students to learn and succeed. I want the students to enjoy the learning experience and have some fun during the process of learning. Also, I look forward teaching the students that a degree in supply chain management can lead to an exciting career.


Maureen Mascha, Accounting

Total Years Teaching? 15

Classes you will be teaching this fall at UWO? Intermediate Accounting I

Hometown? Chicago, IL

Non-academic book you can’t put down? Anything about Sherlock Holmes

Hobbies outside of school? Photography and cooking

Undergraduate/Graduate schools? B.S. and MBA: DePaul University, Ph.D., University of Kentucky, CPA (Illinois) & CISA

Dissertation Topic? How expert systems affect learning of internal controls

Favorite thing/memory about teaching? Seeing former students do well in the business world.

Current area(s) of research? Sustainability; IFRS; XBRL

What are you looking forward to most about teaching at UWO? The great quality students!


Melissa Bublitz, Marketing

Total Years Teaching? Approximately 7

Classes you will be teaching this fall at UWO? Consumer Behavior and Advertising & Sales Promotion

Hometown? Bowler, Wisconsin

Non-academic book you can’t put down? As a Ph.D. student the only thing I had time to read outside of my academic work and research area was books I read with my kids. While reading the final book of the Harry Potter series this summer with my family I got busted twice for reading ahead after the kids went to bed. J

Hobbies outside of school? Cooking and volunteering

Undergraduate/Graduate schools? Undergrad: UW LaCrosse, UW Oshkosh BBA 1996, MBA: UW Oshkosh 2002, Ph.D.: UW Milwaukee 2011

Dissertation Topic? The title of my dissertation was: Why did I eat that? Perspectives on food decision making.

When did you know you wanted to become a teacher? A newspaper reporter in Dallas, TX came to my Kindergarten class and asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up; there is a picture in of me with pigtails in my hair smiling and saying “I want to be a teacher when I grow up.”

Current area(s) of research? Marketing & Public Policy with special interest in food and beverage marketing, marketing and the obesity epidemic, sustainable consumption, multicultural marketing, marketing and vulnerable populations.

What are you looking forward to most about teaching at UWO? Working with an enthusiastic faculty group committed to continuous improvement of the marketing major offered at UW Oshkosh.