Name: Ashay Desai

Years at UWO: 1998-present (13)

Undergrad/Graduate schools: University of Wyoming (M.B.A.), University of Memphis (Ph.D.)

Dissertation Topic:
Effect of Corporate governance changes on the performance of declining firms

Food you couldn’t live without:
Spicy food usually does the trick for me.  Despite loving mouth burning cuisine (Thai, Indian, etc.),  I do love berries, exotic  fruit and yogurt. I will try anything new (less meat though). Love to uncover hidden gems when I go out to eat.

Hobbies outside of teaching:
Traveling, reading, and cooking. I consider them to be invigorating and relaxing at the same time.

Favorite movie:
Crash, Traffic, Lord of the Rings

If you weren’t a teacher, what would you be doing:
Travel writer or a food critic or even better doing both.

Who is your biggest inspiration for teaching?
I have learned a lot from my advisor at the University of Memphis, Dr. Peter Wright. Frankly speaking, I get inspired when I meet ANY of my former students who are doing well in life. If I have helped them in reaching their goals in any small way, I consider that to be an achievement.  It makes me want to do more. A teacher’s success lies in the success of their students.
What is your favorite thing about teaching at UWO?
The chance to teach dedicated students who are open to new experiences and ideas.

What is your current research focus?
Historically, my research has focused on corporate governance and acquisitions.  Right now, I’m shifting my focus to market competition and management education.

What is your best piece of advice for current COB students?
Use your time wisely.  Avoid a myopic focus on classroom activities.  Learning opportunities are everywhere!  Look for opportunities to develop yourself in your job (big or small), through volunteering in your community, and through other extracurricular activities. The world is expecting you to be multidimensional.