by Dr. Bryan Lilly

Selling to Zebras is geared to sales people and to CEO’s / General Managers of sales driven companies. The book examines key sales related issues: knowing which customers to pursue, how to get appointments with decision makers, knowing what information to present to decision makers and how to create a business case to justify purchase.

The authors provide a scoring system for determining which customers should be pursued, and clarification of which issues to discuss with executive level buyers, versus issues to discuss with buyers at other levels.

The analogy motivating “zebras” is a young lion cub. This young cub is very excited, spends tons of energy chasing virtually any prey, and rarely catches anything. In contrast, more seasoned lions chase only good prospects (e.g., zebras). The seasoned lions have a better hunting process, and as a result their energy produces results.

The Zebras book is arranged in four sections: The Zebra Way, Zero In On Your Zebra, Partner With Your Zebra, and Catch Your Zebra. Zebras also has a background story peppered through the chapters. In this story, a company named C3 has a sales division that revamps its sales process. The story provides an example context, so across chapters readers can think about the issues, and then follow the story to get a sense of how the authors intend these issues to be applied.