Sandra Krasniewski liked not knowing from one day to the next what exactly she would be doing.

“My favorite part about this job has always been the diversity,” said Krasniewski who retired as a university services assistant. “I enjoyed the challenges of meeting expectations, coordinating many different programs at the same time and getting it all done correctly.”

She has been with UW Oshkosh since 1974 and has been a member of the Small Business Development Center and Business Success Center teams for more than 25 years.

“I always did my best to see that the office ran smoothly,” said Krasniewski. “I loved it.”

Her responsibilities included personal interface, coordination of programs, logistical arrangements and registration details for events offered through both centers, scheduling small business counseling appointments, and assisting with various daily activities of the office.

Before working as a program assistant, Krasniewski began her career at the university in the basement of Dempsey as a keypunch operator.

“Today many people wouldn’t know what that is, but I scheduled students for their classes as well as punched up computer programs from the operators,” Krasniewski recalls.

She credits herself for being on campus for the birth of the personal computer.

Looking back, Krasniewski recalls several individuals who she will miss including Bob O’Donnell, SBDC director, John Mozingo, emeriti professor of marketing, Joann Cross, professor of accounting and Dale Feinauer, professor of human resource and management.

Krasniewski’s greatest achievement has been her “success in developing the plans that lead to peace and the abolishment of hunger in the world.”

She has several hobbies that will keep her busy during retirement.

“I can put all my energy into gardening, bird watching, biking, trips and whatever comes along,” said Krasniewski. “If things work out, I will even be able to spend more time with my new granddaughter, Emma Grace.”