J. Kim DeDee and Paul Frederickson

After teaching hundreds of College of Business students business law over the last 25 years, Paul Fredrickson plans to continue helping others by volunteering in the community, giving free legal advice during his retirement.

Fredrickson received a Juris Doctor from the University of Detroit and a Master of Business Administration and a B.A. in political science from Michigan State University. Before coming to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh College of Business in fall 1986, he taught at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn.

At the undergraduate level, Fredrickson taught Business Law I & II, Essentials of Law for Business, Business Finance and Legal Environment of Business.

“I have taught undergraduate students Business Law I for over 10 years,” said Fredrickson. “Our accounting majors are tested on this material heavily on their CPA exams. Traditionally, those students have done well and they couldn’t have done this without learning what I teach in this class.”

Diane Fremgen (BBA ’10) was a student in Fredrickson’s Business Law I class in fall 2007 and is currently the Winnebago County clerk of courts.

“Having spent several years working in the courts, I had the misconception that this would be an easy class,” recalls Fremgen. “Boy, was I wrong!”

Fremgen enjoyed Fredrickson’s style of teaching because he used examples to help explain legal concepts and encouraged classroom participation.

“This is what truly set him apart and made him a terrific teacher,” said Fremgen.

Fredrickson also taught at the executive level.

“My greatest achievement as a faculty member was when I worked to revise the MBA program,” said Fredrickson. “I proposed a new, 7-week MBA course with Will Hagen called Business Environments: Law, Regulation and Ethics. For the past 15 years, I have been the primary person teaching this course, one which I feel plays an important role in our program.”

For the College of Business, Fredrickson served as team leader of the department of finance and business law for two years (2005-2006) and spent three years on the faculty development committee evaluating the teaching, research and service of faculty members. He also served on a dean’s search and screen committee and the personnel committee for the finance team.

“I enjoyed my time on these committees because I had the opportunity to work with my peers and give input on the direction of the College,” said Fredrickson.

For the University, Fredrickson served on the executive committee of the Faculty Senate and chair of the faculty senate constitution and bylaws committee, where he assisted every college in the University in revising their bylaws. Paul also chaired the intercollegiate athletics committee for two years and was part of the search and screen committee who hired the current College of Letters and Science dean.

Fredrickson’s research interests include legal environments of business, employment law and business ethics. He is an active member of the State Bar of Wisconsin, and is a past president of the Midwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business.

He volunteers at the Winnebago County Free Legal Assistance clinic where he provides legal advice and recruits students to get involved.

Lynn Schwartzkopf was a student in Fredrickson’s Business Law I class in 2008. Together, they have been volunteering at the clinic for over two years.

“He is a dedicated volunteer and personable with the clients,” said Schwartzkopf. “He makes the clients feel comfortable, and they are at ease discussing things with him.”

Schwartzkopf feels Fredrickson combines his teaching skills with his experience as an attorney to help clients resolve concerns or find resources to answer their questions.

In retirement, Paul plans to continue volunteering at the Free Legal Assistance clinic and has aspirations to become a professional mediator as well.

He is an avid athlete including a bicyclist who holds a Wisconsin record for biking across the state from Prescott, WI to Menominee, MI in 23 hours and two minutes.

“Paul Fredrickson is a genuine person, someone I call my friend,” said J. Kim DeDee, professor of human resource management, who has spent time both professionally and personally with Fredrickson and his family. “Each year we run a race together and he can always beat me!”