J. Kim DeDee may come across as “all business,” but those who worked with him say his legacy includes his sense of humor, dedication and genuine kindness.

He received his doctoral degree from the University of Arkansas, a master in business administration from Western Michigan University and a bachelor of business administration from Hope College in Holland, Mich.

In 1987, DeDee and his wife moved to Wisconsin and he began teaching the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh College of Business.

Over the last 24 years, DeDee has taught several courses at the College of Business including Organizational Behavior and Human Resources, Total Quality Management and Strategic Management — a course undergraduate students take prior to graduation.

“Dr. DeDee did a nice job of combining the straightforward material from the textbook with a realistic business simulation that students ran in teams,” said Ali Holmes (BBA ’11), a student in DeDee’s final Strategic Management class in spring 2011.

Holmes enjoyed DeDee’s sense of humor and elaboration on the subject matter.

“It was very evident that he cared about the students getting the most out of completing the class while still finding ways to keep us sane in the process,” said Holmes.

During his tenure, DeDee’s research focused on the economic feasibility for American firms considering entering Eastern Europe, a place he was able to travel to in the ‘90s with faculty and staff.

“Designing the faculty and student trip to Eastern Europe tour in the ‘90s is my greatest accomplishment,” said DeDee. “I put a lot of rigor into the trip.”

During his time at UW Oshkosh he has traveled with faculty and students to 35 countries including China, Thailand and Europe where he has toured both large and small businesses and universities.

On campus DeDee participated in the Rosebush committee, was the chair of the committee on committees and worked on the administration evaluation committee, which evaluates the performance of chancellors and vice chancellors. He was the faculty advisor for the UW Oshkosh water-ski and wakeboard team.

At the college level, he was an active member of the faculty review and development committee.

“Every committee I served on with Kim, he was always quick to ask what he could do to help,” said Barbara Rau, professor of human resource management and team member. “I don’t know if everyone got to see Kim’s wonderful sense of humor because he often came across as all business.

However, in more than one department meeting, he lightened the mood with his, often self-deprecating, funny comments. I will miss those moments.”

He is also a member of the Academy of Management, Decision Science Institute and North American Case Research Association.

DeDee plans to do more traveling in retirement including a missionary trip to Africa. He also would like to become more involved in his church.

“I will always be grateful to Kim for the kindness and sympathy he showed me following the unexpected death of a family member,” said Rau.  “His concern was genuine and I was touched that he took the time to comfort a colleague.”

He also plans to devote more time to his love of all-things-fast: drag racing, speedboats and cars.