Name: Brian F. Hayes

Age: 46

Current Employer and Position: ISRA Surface Vision, National Sales Manager

Expected graduation date: December 2011

Favorite class taken or professor at UWO and why it’s your favorite: (This isn’t exactly part of the curriculum, but it is an example of the value that UWOSH delivers). The Professional Seminars are excellent. If you haven’t sat in on one, then you are missing a real opportunity to learn and network. A highly recommended seminar is Professor Kunkel’s Personal Finance Seminar.

Food you couldn’t live without: The perfect Alfredo sauce.

Hobbies Outside of Class: Somewhere outdoors with my wife or somewhere indoors with a book.

Favorite movie: A Muppet Christmas Carol. It has everything a movie should have…compelling dialogue, redemption, and talking fruit. Braveheart and Saving Private Ryan are good, but I really miss the fruit

Why did you choose UWO MBA? I researched the alternatives and spoke with friends, neighbors and colleagues. I took a number of courses from other colleges and universities. On average, the curriculum and instruction at UWOSH rated superior. Then I took the Foundations of Accounting with Professor Westort and never looked back.

How do you balance work, life and graduate school? It’s about choices. Once you commit to pursue an advanced degree, you begin to make choices about how to achieve. Of course, you can just take Professor Stuart’s class and realize how much unused capacity you have in your daily life.

What advice do you have for younger COB students or students thinking about pursuing an MBA degree? If your work/study life is in support of your goals and ambition, then it’s pretty easy to maintain your focus and happiness. Secondly, get a tutor. This was something I didn’t do. A younger MBA student sought me out to tutor. We would meet once per week to review homework and concepts. Having the opportunity to review the concepts with somebody who is just ahead of you in the curriculum (or perhaps it is a specialty) can reduce your workload significantly.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Helping other students and talking to fruit.