For the sixth time in a row, College of Business MBA students have tested in the top 5 percent of all MBA students taking the ETS MBA Major Field Assessment Test.

The international test consists of 124 multiple-choice questions that assess knowledge of information from managerial accounting, marketing, management and finance courses.

According to the ETS Major Field Test website, the overall score of the test measures critical thinking and reasoning skills in the MBA curriculum.

Associate Dean of the College of Business William Wresch said students taking the test represented 130 MBA programs and UW Oshkosh students beat 95 percent of those students.

Wresch said there is also an undergraduate version of the test taken by 450 universities each year in which the UW Oshkosh College of Business BBA students also score in the top five percent.

The ETS Major Field Exam is an international exam and indicates to university faculty and staff the how their students compare to others in the world.

“This test helps prove to us that our courses are delivering the highest quality content and that our graduates are ready for successful careers,” Wresch said.