By Bill Wresch

Recently Mark Manske put a book on my desk — the MBA Oath.  He said nothing, just set it down and walked away.  I finished some emails, then picked it up and could not put it down for several hours.  What’s the book?  In some ways it is an effort of some Harvard MBA students to determine how to respond to a business environment where too many business leaders turned out to be frauds and crooks.  It is their story of how they searched for answers.  It is personal in ways many other books are not.

The book describes how these MBA students finished their MBA program in the midst of the Great Recession, but it could also be a book of how people might begin an MBA program because it asks the fundamental questions that often get overlooked — such as, what is the fundamental responsibility of a business manager?  And, is the MBA a professional degree?  If so, should MBA graduates have a code of conduct?  Would violating that code cause a person to lose their professional standing — as it does for doctors or lawyers?

For a quick overview of what the book is about, you can go to their website —, but I think it is worth the time to read the whole book.  Put it on your summer reading list.  It is a much more interesting read than the latest Tom Clancy novel.