Name: Bill Wresch

Years at UWO: 13

Undergrad/Graduate schools: I started out at UW Milwaukee (Milwaukee is my hometown), but I hated it there and transferred to San Francisco State where I thought I would live on the beach.  I got a bachelors and masters there, and years later ended up back in Wisconsin and got my Ph.D. at UW Madison

Dissertation Topic: Human memory (as best I can remember after all these years)

Food you couldn’t live without: My wife makes great spaghetti, and a fabulous meatloaf.

Hobbies outside of teaching: I golf really badly, but it gets me outside and I have enough friends who golf just as badly that it works out OK.

Favorite movie: Groundhog Day.  If you think of it, professors teach the same course over and over until we get it right, so the movie could be our story.

If you weren’t a teacher, what would you be doing: I was a Peace Corps volunteer after college, and I often think of doing it again.

Who is your biggest inspiration for teaching? My students — especially the MBA students.  They have great ideas and keep me informed of what is happening, so it is always interesting for me to have class with them.

What is your favorite thing about teaching at UWO? Right now I am pretty excited about the new building.  I can hardly wait to get into those new classrooms.

What is your current research focus? I spent a year teaching as a Fulbright Scholar in Africa.  Ever since then I have been interested in developing economies, especially how the Internet  might help small businesses become more successful — and improve the local economy in the process.

What is your best piece of advice for current COB students? a college education is not an endurance contest.  There are really bright people around you and lots of exciting ideas.  Use this opportunity to learn — and to appreciate learning.  If you are doing it right, every day you should find out something really interesting.