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BSC Intern Spotlight

jakeName: Jake Spence

Major: Journalism

Emphasis: Advertising

Internship Title: E-Commerce Developer Intern

Company: CleanFreak

Current Involvement: I am not currently involved in anything extracurricular besides work and school.  In my free time I enjoy tinkering with my camera and computer, doing photography, videography, graphic design, and web design.  I love the power of technology and the unlimited potential of the internet.

Why you chose UW Oshkosh:  I chose this school because I had initially planned on majoring in Business and UWO is known for having a very well respected Business program.  The new business building (Sage Hall) was scheduled to open as I would be an incoming freshman, which pretty much sealed the deal for me.  I looked forward to learning in a new facility with access to some of the latest technology.

Typical work day at CleanFreak in your role: At CleanFreak, I do a variety of things. Every week I create, design, and send out a weekly email newsletter.  Some days I will take new photos of our products and cut them out for our website.  When I’m not doing either of those things, I do general website maintenance like updating prices, adding new products, SEO, etc.

Interesting and rewarding things you are learning at your internship For the first time, I feel like I play a vital role to the company I work for.  In return, I am gaining a ton of real-world experience that cannot be taught in school.  I learn firsthand how an online business functions, behind the scenes.

How has the Business Success Center prepared you for the work force? If it wasn’t for the BSC, I would never be working at my current position.  Knowing my skills and strengths, they set me up with this awesome opportunity.  With guidance the whole way, I never felt uncomfortable throughout the whole process.

What are your career plans after UW Oshkosh? I hope to find a career with a company that is always on top of the latest trends.  I love technology so it would be great to work with computers and cameras, no matter what I am doing.  I have a job offer from my current internship after graduation, but would also love to see what else is out there.  I am a firm believer that a happy employee is a productive employee.

What was the best part of this experience? This whole opportunity has been amazing because of the connections I’ve made and the real-world experience I’ve gained.  I found a job that I enjoy with long-term potential!

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Board Member Spotlight



Name: Jerry Murphy

Company: New North, Inc.

Title: Executive Director

Board Member Since: 2010

Board Committee: Marketing Committee


Why did you become involved with Business Success Center Board of Directors?  

My initial engagement with the Business Success Center was as a customer.  We utilized the Business Success Center to recruit interns (and still do). We also used their services to secure some customized work from the UWO Geography Department for some GIS-related mapping work.

How has the Business Success Center enhanced your organization?

New North is charged with a regional economic development mission that is dependent on collaborations to execute the tactical work supporting the mission and strategies. Our relationship with the Business Success Center is a good demonstration of how collaborative business works. On our behalf, the Business Success Center effectively and painlessly orchestrates collaborative relationships on campus, with a focus on resources/faculty/students.  The services provided are tailored to our needs.

What are your hobbies? 

Working on whatever my wife’s projects dictate, golfing, sailing, paddle boarding, history, and traveling (mostly to visit our kids/grandkids).

What are some of your favorite restaurants in the Fox Valley area? 

I like places that have great venues, anything on water, such as Fratellos, Hagemeister, Pullmans or the new deck at the Best Western-Premier. Any brewpub throughout the valley, they are genuinely good, regardless of venue.  Also I haven’t met a coffee shop/café on main streets of the Fox Valley that didn’t impress me.


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