BSC Intern Spotlight


Name: Gracie Wardin


Year: Junior


Major: Interactive Web Management


Hometown: Waupun, WI


Current Involvement: Tutoring


Why you choose UW Oshkosh: The fact that there are only professors – no student teachers – is a huge factor as to why I chose UW Oshkosh. Also, the free interims are a huge plus. I wouldn’t be graduating on time if it weren’t for them!

Typical work day at BrownBoots Interactive: I usually edit and update websites on a daily basis at BrownBoots Interactive. If I’m not doing that, you can find me using Photoshop to edit pictures for websites or uploading content to our clients’ sites. My work duties vary, but I love each different project that I do.

Interesting and rewarding things you are learning at your internship: I’m learning how important and difficult it is for businesses to have an up-to-date website, let alone spectacular ones that we create and update here at BrownBoots Interactive! The digital world is such a huge aspect in today’s society that no business could thrive without a great website, and that’s what I try to help give them.

How has the Business Success Center prepared you for the work force?  The Business Success Center has given me opportunities for more than one internship, which I never would’ve guessed would happen in just my Junior year of school. My internships are both professional, great places to work and get me ready for the workforce in a new way everyday. I honestly cannot even believe all of the things I’m learning at my web development internship – it’s incredible.

What are your career plans after UW Oshkosh? I’d like to go on to graduate school after I graduate from UW Oshkosh and get a degree in Computer Science or something closely related. But if I find my dream job in web development before I get a chance to go to graduate school, I’ll definitely take it and hope that it leads to a great career.

What was the best part of this experience? The fact that I learn something new everyday is the best part of my web development internship that I got through the Business Success Center. Usually I learn many, many things each day that I will no doubt have the privilege of using in my future career. The Business Success Center has truly helped me find what I love doing and what I’ll be doing for a long, long time!

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