BSC Intern Spotlight


Name: Quiana J Rapier

Current internship: Day By Day Warming Shelter

Year in school: 5th year/Senior

Major: Social Work

Hometown: Milwaukee. WI


Current Involvement (Activities, sports, clubs, interests): Black Student Union

Why I choose UW Oshkosh: I Initially wanted to go to a University located far away from home; Florida to be exact, because I wanted to attend the Culinary Arts College in Orlando, which is where I 1st applied and was accepted. I applied to a few other universities in other states but I thought it’d be a good idea to apply somewhere close to home just to be safe. I knew quite a few people from my high school that planned on attending UWO, so I thought I may as well apply to a school where there will be familiar faces. Unfortunately, there were some family reasons that prevented me from wanting to go to school so far away and in the end, UWO was the only school I’d applied to in the state. So here I am!

Typical work day in your role: I normally work the later shift which is from 1 am-8 am so when I arrive, the guests are already asleep. In the meantime, I’ll complete the guests laundry as well as whatever else needs to be washed around the shelter, store donations, do paperwork if need be and just monitor the guests until they wake up. 7 am is wake-up time unless they need to be woken up sooner. A volunteer comes in a little before we wake the guests up to help out. Once they’re up, they shower, complete an assigned chore that I have to check, and we put out a little breakfast for them. I also distribute prescription medication to those that are on them. If someone new comes in during my shift, then I (or the other staff working) am to complete an intake packet to have on file. That’s pretty much the gist of a typical night at the shelter for my shift.

What are you learning that you find interesting and rewarding at your current internship? It’s very rewarding to be able to help those out that are in a sense, less fortunate than I am. The thanks that I receive from the guests are beyond measurable and it makes me feel as though I’ve made some kind of positive difference in their lives. The main thing I’ve learned is to not take anything that I have for granted, whether it be my health, education, home or even my job there.

How has the Business Success Center prepared you for the work force? If it wasn’t for the Business Success Center, there’s a strong possibility I wouldn’t have this job/internship, or I wouldn’t have been there as long as I have, because I didn’t even know Day By Day existed prior to receiving an email from the BSC. On top of that, I’ve learned interviewing skills which is important in the workforce because it’s key to getting a job.

What are your career plans after UW Oshkosh? Once I graduate from UW Oshkosh, I plan to return to my home (Milwaukee) and search for a new apartment/house and job there. I’ve enjoyed attending school here in Oshkosh, but I think I’ll have a better chance at finding a job in Milwaukee considering my area of study; plus I miss the city life.

What is your dream job? Up until about a month ago, my dream job was to be a social worker for Child Protective Services. I currently want to work with human trafficking victims after hearing from a former social work student that now does that in Milwaukee. I’ve always had an interest in trafficking, but it didn’t register to me that I could actually work with them using my degree.

What was the best part of this experience? One of the best parts of this experience is that it has taught me so much about myself. What I’m capable of, what I enjoy doing and also what area(s) I may still need a little growth in. Another part is being able to have a positive influence on the lives of others.

Board Member Spotlight


Ann Franz photo

Name:  Ann Franz

Company:  Northeast Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance

Title:  Director

Board member since (Year): 2013


What board committees are you involved in?


Why did you become involved with Business Success Center Board of Directors?

The organization I lead utilizes the BSC for the Alliance’s annual Northeast Wisconsin Manufacturing Vitality Index study.  I was very impressed with the quality of work done in completing the study that I wanted to get involved in the Board.

How has the Business Success Center enhanced your organization?

The study is a very important tool in helping our community understand the economic vitality of the largest industry sector in the region.  It also showcases hiring projections and skills shortages, in order to help students, parents and higher education understand the occupations that are in demand and hard to fill.  The BSC also provides a valuable resource to Alliance members that are interested in hiring a college intern.


 Just for fun

What are your hobbies?

I’m an avid golfer.  My husband and I have a powerboat in a marina in Oshkosh and spend a great deal of time on Lake Winnebago.  I enjoy traveling and have recently been to Italy.

 What are some of your favorite restaurants in the Fox Valley area?

Gardina’s, Carmella’s, and Beckett’s restaurants.

BSC Intern Spotlight


Name: Alec J. Bernander  

Current internship: First Business Bank – Commercial Credit Analyst Intern

Year in school: 4th year Senior (Graduating May 2015)

Major:   Finance w/ Insurance and Financial Planning Minor

Hometown:  Wisconsin Dells


Current Involvement (Activities, sports, clubs, interests):  Alpha Lambda Delta First Year Honors Program, National Honor Society, Beta Gamma Sigma, Golfing, Hiking, Water Skiing, Volunteering.

Why I chose UW Oshkosh:  The well known business school as well as the internship requirement.  Also being a finance major, I found that through the interim coursework and average cost of living in Oshkosh, this school made the most sense financially.

Typical work day in your role:  As an analyst with First Business I am involved in researching prospective clients as well as current clients and their related guarantors.  This includes studying and spreading recent financial data for companies with up to $100 million in annual revenues.  Other duties include using sources to investigate the ability of a firm to repay a loan and maintain a healthy banking relationship.  I am involved in generation of cash flows and write-ups used in loan committee and attend the meetings regularly to hear comments from officers and others involved in the approval process.

What are you learning that you find interesting and rewarding at your current internship? I have gained a vast array of knowledge related to different business sectors here in the Fox Valley primarily in manufacturing, commercial real estate, and non-profit industry.  The bank takes on certain strategies within the Northeast Region of Wisconsin and I was able to learn of the “hot” and “cold” markets here in the Fox Valley.

How has the Business Success Center prepared you for the work force?  The Business Success Center allowed me to find a gateway to access representatives and firms looking for students who are serious about their futures.  I am happy to have been referred to the center and was pleased with the process in which finding a good fit for me occurred.

What are your career plans after UW Oshkosh?   Currently I am looking at the market and trying to decide what a first good step from the internship world to a real full time position would be.  Preferably I will not end up in a city where public transit is the only option.  I am an explorer at heart and can’t imagine living like a caged animal.

What is your dream job?  My dream job is to find myself in a position where I am allowed to incorporate strategic planning and focus towards the future of an organization.  As of right now, I am happy to have the opportunity to go to a public university within the state of Wisconsin and experience college with a great group of friends and classmates which I will hopefully be able to stay in contact with for the rest of my life.

What was the best part of this experience?  The best part of my experience so far with First Business is being embraced into the loving culture from day one.   From private lunches for new employees to being involved in continuous training and decisions, First Business places an emphasis on creating an atmosphere where communication and teamwork is encouraged.






Board Member Spotlight

Tony Renning

Name:  Tony Renning

Company:  Davis & Kuelthau, s.c.

Title:  Attorney (Shareholder)

Board member since (Year):  2014


What board committees are you involved in?


Why did you become involved with Business Success Center Board of Directors?

Because I support the establishment of strong relationships between the Business Success Center and local business AND the opportunities the Business Success Center provides UW-Oshkosh students to get involved with local business.

 How has the Business Success Center enhanced your organization?

The Business Success Center has strengthened local business.  Stronger local business creates more opportunities for labor and employment issues to arise and the need for labor and employment attorneys.


Just for fun

What are your hobbies?

Golf, Travel, Music and Wine

What are some of your favorite restaurants in the Fox Valley area? 

Grey Rock, Wendt’s, Trinity and Cena


BSC Intern Spotlight


Name: Gracie Wardin


Year: Junior


Major: Interactive Web Management


Hometown: Waupun, WI


Current Involvement: Tutoring


Why you choose UW Oshkosh: The fact that there are only professors – no student teachers – is a huge factor as to why I chose UW Oshkosh. Also, the free interims are a huge plus. I wouldn’t be graduating on time if it weren’t for them!

Typical work day at BrownBoots Interactive: I usually edit and update websites on a daily basis at BrownBoots Interactive. If I’m not doing that, you can find me using Photoshop to edit pictures for websites or uploading content to our clients’ sites. My work duties vary, but I love each different project that I do.

Interesting and rewarding things you are learning at your internship: I’m learning how important and difficult it is for businesses to have an up-to-date website, let alone spectacular ones that we create and update here at BrownBoots Interactive! The digital world is such a huge aspect in today’s society that no business could thrive without a great website, and that’s what I try to help give them.

How has the Business Success Center prepared you for the work force?  The Business Success Center has given me opportunities for more than one internship, which I never would’ve guessed would happen in just my Junior year of school. My internships are both professional, great places to work and get me ready for the workforce in a new way everyday. I honestly cannot even believe all of the things I’m learning at my web development internship – it’s incredible.

What are your career plans after UW Oshkosh? I’d like to go on to graduate school after I graduate from UW Oshkosh and get a degree in Computer Science or something closely related. But if I find my dream job in web development before I get a chance to go to graduate school, I’ll definitely take it and hope that it leads to a great career.

What was the best part of this experience? The fact that I learn something new everyday is the best part of my web development internship that I got through the Business Success Center. Usually I learn many, many things each day that I will no doubt have the privilege of using in my future career. The Business Success Center has truly helped me find what I love doing and what I’ll be doing for a long, long time!

Board Member Spotlight


Ken Arneson photo

Name: Ken Anderson

Company: Evergreen

Title: President/CEO

Board Member Since: 2013

Board Committee:Strategic Planning


Why did you become involved with Business Success Center Board of Directors?  

We have benefited from working with the Business Success Center in the past and I was impressed with the results, quality of staff and leadership from UWO.  Having an opportunity to be part of an organization that is connected to UWO and committed to helping organizations improve was a wonderful opportunity.

How has the Business Success Center enhanced your organization? 

We have done projects ranging from surveys to helping us find a solution to improve services to the people we serve with the Business Success Center.  Staff have connected us with students and faculty that not only helped us but allowed us to share about our organization.  With the results we have seen additional work has been done to improve satisfaction for employees and customers.

 Just for fun

What are your hobbies?  

Enjoy working out at the YMCA, basketball, snowmobiling, fishing and other outdoor activities.

What are some of your favorite restaurants in the Fox Valley area?  

Enjoy The Roxy, The Bar for casual dining and best dining comes from grilling or fish fries with friends.

Other information that you would like to share about yourself or Evergreen.  

Also serve on the Oshkosh Chamber Board of Directors, Women Fund Grant Committee.  Evergreen is a Continuing Care Retirement Community that has been in Oshkosh 46 years.  Evergreen provides home care, independent living, assisted living, short term rehab and skilled nursing to the greater Oshkosh area.

BSC Intern Spotlight

jakeName: Jake Spence

Major: Journalism

Emphasis: Advertising

Internship Title: E-Commerce Developer Intern

Company: CleanFreak

Current Involvement: I am not currently involved in anything extracurricular besides work and school.  In my free time I enjoy tinkering with my camera and computer, doing photography, videography, graphic design, and web design.  I love the power of technology and the unlimited potential of the internet.

Why you chose UW Oshkosh:  I chose this school because I had initially planned on majoring in Business and UWO is known for having a very well respected Business program.  The new business building (Sage Hall) was scheduled to open as I would be an incoming freshman, which pretty much sealed the deal for me.  I looked forward to learning in a new facility with access to some of the latest technology.

Typical work day at CleanFreak in your role: At CleanFreak, I do a variety of things. Every week I create, design, and send out a weekly email newsletter.  Some days I will take new photos of our products and cut them out for our website.  When I’m not doing either of those things, I do general website maintenance like updating prices, adding new products, SEO, etc.

Interesting and rewarding things you are learning at your internship For the first time, I feel like I play a vital role to the company I work for.  In return, I am gaining a ton of real-world experience that cannot be taught in school.  I learn firsthand how an online business functions, behind the scenes.

How has the Business Success Center prepared you for the work force? If it wasn’t for the BSC, I would never be working at my current position.  Knowing my skills and strengths, they set me up with this awesome opportunity.  With guidance the whole way, I never felt uncomfortable throughout the whole process.

What are your career plans after UW Oshkosh? I hope to find a career with a company that is always on top of the latest trends.  I love technology so it would be great to work with computers and cameras, no matter what I am doing.  I have a job offer from my current internship after graduation, but would also love to see what else is out there.  I am a firm believer that a happy employee is a productive employee.

What was the best part of this experience? This whole opportunity has been amazing because of the connections I’ve made and the real-world experience I’ve gained.  I found a job that I enjoy with long-term potential!

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Board Member Spotlight



Name: Jerry Murphy

Company: New North, Inc.

Title: Executive Director

Board Member Since: 2010

Board Committee: Marketing Committee


Why did you become involved with Business Success Center Board of Directors?  

My initial engagement with the Business Success Center was as a customer.  We utilized the Business Success Center to recruit interns (and still do). We also used their services to secure some customized work from the UWO Geography Department for some GIS-related mapping work.

How has the Business Success Center enhanced your organization?

New North is charged with a regional economic development mission that is dependent on collaborations to execute the tactical work supporting the mission and strategies. Our relationship with the Business Success Center is a good demonstration of how collaborative business works. On our behalf, the Business Success Center effectively and painlessly orchestrates collaborative relationships on campus, with a focus on resources/faculty/students.  The services provided are tailored to our needs.

What are your hobbies? 

Working on whatever my wife’s projects dictate, golfing, sailing, paddle boarding, history, and traveling (mostly to visit our kids/grandkids).

What are some of your favorite restaurants in the Fox Valley area? 

I like places that have great venues, anything on water, such as Fratellos, Hagemeister, Pullmans or the new deck at the Best Western-Premier. Any brewpub throughout the valley, they are genuinely good, regardless of venue.  Also I haven’t met a coffee shop/café on main streets of the Fox Valley that didn’t impress me.

BSC Intern Spotlight

Jenna Noffke

Major: Marketing and Economics

Internship Title: Interactive Web Management Intern

Company: Miles Kimball

Location: Oshkosh, Wisconsin

What are you learning that you find interesting and rewarding at your current internship?

I am learning so much about the marketplaces. Most companies and organizations are switching to multi-channel companies and I find this very rewarding! In my internship I am learning new computer skills, optimization skills and research development. I am also learning how an organization works with different departments to form the final product, generate sales, and serve their customer.

What is a typical day like as an intern at Miles Kimball?

My work day starts out with checking emails to see if there is anything that needs to be done or any products that need to be put onto the marketplaces right away. I then continue to check the products put onto the marketplaces the day before to make sure everything is coming though correctly. I check the images, bullet points, optimization features, etc. If there are any corrections to be made, I will correct them at this time. After corrections I continue my day with adding new products to the marketplace. This includes pulling new product reports for all five of Miles Kimball Company brands, removing the background from the images, and adding brand attributes (categories) , keywords, and bullet points (features) to each and every product. I close out my day making sure everything that needed to be done was completed and double checking my time frames to make sure all products will be up on time.

How has the Business Success Center prepared you for the work force? 

The Business Success Center helped me focus in on where I want to be in my career right now, when I graduate, and in the future. They helped me pick out goals that were meaningful to my career aspirations and figure out the correct skills and routes that need to be utilized and taken to reach those goals.

What are your career plans after UW Oshkosh?

After UW Oshkosh I would like to work within an organization, preferably a job involving what is going on in the economy. I’d like to see how the economy makes consumers react, and how to base marketing efforts around that society and reaction. Miles Kimball has helped me with this because they are a very customer focus organization. Each brand has a different customer demographic. The marketing team bases their efforts around each and every one of those demographics to come up a plan for the customer.

What was the best part of this experience?

There were so many great things about this experience I could go on and on. But putting the skills and learning experiences aside, I would say the best part about working for Miles Kimball are the people. My team, along with all Miles Kimball team members, are driven, energetic about their work and excited to continue to grow with one and other. They all make me feel very welcomed. I am very honored to work with such an unbelievable group of people.

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