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Best Day of Our Lives!

The ASB’er Katie made a music video and in summary slideshow of our trip! This video does an even better job of outlining in depth what had occurred each day. You did such a great job Katie! Enjoy:


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A Short Summary of Our Week

Hello everyone!

The teammates of ASB Honduras have all made it safely home! We have tons and tons of stories to tell of our time in El Progreso, so be sure to ask us about it! To give you all a further glimpse, here is a quick video in summary:

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Once again, thank you OYE for having us! This experience was life-changing!

Day Seven: The final day

The morning of our last full day started a little rocky. Multiple students weren’t feeling the greatest but after an assortment of medicines and rehydration we were back on our feet. Today was our relaxation day so we hopped in the van and took a 45 minute drive to Tela.


At the beach in Tela

The beach in Tela we went to is part of the northern Caribbean coast. The sand was really white and fine. The group got a little cabana for some shade. We spent the day swimming, tanning, and relaxing. A few of the scholars were there and it was nice to hangout with them. Oscar (different than the Oscar whose house we danced at) buried a few people in the sand. It really was just a fun time.


Sun Bathing


Oscar buried himself!

            After the beach we went into town to get lunch. Lunch was simple but nice; we had pizzas. Next we went down by a beach nearby and looked at some of the artisan jewelry that was being sold. On our way home there was an accident between two big trucks. The traffic was stopped so our bus driver drove on the shoulder for a bit. He ended up getting in trouble for it but we were still able to make it home. The rules of the road are a bit different here.


Mike and Oscar, the best of friends!


Stephanie and Claudia!

To end our night we had a big party with a bunch of the scholars. We started by swimming in the pool. It was surprising to find out that most of the scholars didn’t know how to swim. Then we had tacos for dinner. We all took a million pictures with all of the scholarship students and said some of our final words. To end the night we sang some karaoke. Although our singing voices sound pretty off-key we still had a blast! Long, meaningful hugs were given and we said our last goodbyes.


Emily with the scholars

This whole experience has been amazing. The people of Honduras truly touched our hearts. It has been astonishing to see such optimism, kindness and hope from everyone we met. It has helped us strive to do more and to appreciate all the things we have back home. Each day just got better and better. It is going to be really hard to leave this beautiful place. A special thanks goes to OYE and all their scholars and coordinators. They have helped to give us a meaningful reflection of the country and make this experience great.

Shout outs: Day 6


TOM’s shoes touching a life

Chelsea says:

Today we presented the educational campaign and the mural to the 1st
through 6th graders at the school we have been working with this week
and I couldn’t be more proud of the UW Oshkosh students and all the
OYE scholars that made it happen. Everyone did a great job and we were
a big hit at an extended recess dance party. The reception that we
received from the young students and teachers was heartwarming. I am a
big supporter of TOMS Shoes and I often use the story of the company
and the book Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie in my
leadership curriculums. Seeing “giving pairs” of TOMS on the students
feet remind me why I passionately support this company and those that
work to break down the barriers to equal access to education. Shout
out to Amanda Hall from OYE for making our trip such a success. We are
truly grateful.




Emily and the kids!

Emily says:

OYE has been absolutely amazing! I love the organization and everything that comes with being involved! The scholars have been awesome! They understand I am horrible at Spanish but have slowly helped me get better and I have also been helping them with their English! I was so happy with how the mural tired out! It took a couple of days but it turned out awesome and all the kids loved it! Today we spent the day in the escuela with the students. It has by far been one of my favorite days! The kids were excited about the mural, game, and song. Once we were done we were able to hang out with the kids which was awesome! They love getting their picture taken. I can’t believe this trip has come to an end so quickly! I’m going to miss everything but for now I am going to live up the last day!

I’m sending a shout out to all the kids I met today! You have truly left an imprint on my heart!


Day Six: Presenting at the School


Finished with our projects!

Today was the absolute icing on the cake. We presented our hard work from the week the children at school and it was so rewarding. We presented to the morning session first and then the afternoon sessions. We took two grades at a time. First the mural group unveiled the mural they made and explained its significance to the kids. Next the campaign group sang their song, showed off the new trashcans, and played a game with the kids where they categorized different types of trash. To end the presentation both groups did face painting on the children. They loved this part and went away covered in drawing. They ended up on their cheeks, foreheads, and arms.


Here come the kids!


Checking out the mural


Playing the recycling game


Painting faces

            After the presentation the OYE radio program set up some music and we were able to hangout with the kids during their recess. We had a blast dancing, taking pictures, and playing games with the children. We had a chance to talk to them and to laugh with them. In the end we received many hugs and all the children asked when we’d be coming back. This was the moment that really touched all of us during the trip. We actually made a small difference in the lives of the students.


Katie and Emily with the kids


Stephanie with the kids!

We also were able to peek our heads in a classroom. It was full of desks that were recently donated. There was no air-conditioning and the windows were open and barred. There were fans hanging from the ceiling. The room was pretty plain although it did have a few bulletin boards. You could really see the lack of resources the classroom had, but it looked like the teachers and the students made it work.


One of the classrooms

In order to celebrate our big day we went to the scholar Oscar’s house for dinner. His mother made baleados; which is honestly the most delicious food in all of Honduras. There are many different toppings that you put in a tortilla. There were beans, cheese, eggs mixed with tomato, special Honduran sour cream, and chicken. It was absolutely delicious. To end the night we had our own dance party, with disco lights. Tomorrow is our last full day in Honduras and none of us are ready to leave this place!


Oscar with the baleados


Mike and Oscar dancing


The group at Oscar’s house


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