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Day 2: Star Wars and Sandwiches

We are alive and well, and FINALLY in Guatemala!

The day day started out early catching a 7:10am shuttle back to the airport for a 10:30am direct flight. The plane ride was a little bumpy… literally because of turbulance… but all was well because we got to watch the new Star Wars movie during the flight. And we get sandwiches! Overall, pretty sweet ride.

We arrived in Guatemala City, Guatemala, around 12:30pm their time, and that’s only where the fun had just begun.

First, we took an insane bus ride to Antiqua up a winding, busy, narrow mountain side – motion sickness was definitely present for most of us.

Next, we ate a fresh lunch at a place called “Café Sky”. The food was BEYOND amazing, to say the least! All of it was freah from local farmers, and prepared in a safe way for our adapting American stomachs. Austyn, as well as a handful of the others, had quesadillas… “it was so incredibly fresh! I can’t ever go back to Taco Bell!” Nicole and Molly shared the most decked out nacho’s we have ever seen. And the salads were so fresh it’s almost as if the ingredients were picked right then – acovados have never tasted this good.

After that we tried to exchange our money at the banks in Antiqua… but because it’s Holy Week, and more importantly Psalms Sunday, nothing was open past 3:00pm, so we could not exchange our money. However, we did get time to scavenge the market! While in Antiqua, we were able to witness the traditional “carpet making” (photo attached below) and a ceremonial parade prosessional – the parade floats, for lack of a better term, are carried on the shoulders of men. This tradition is passed down through family generations, and is incredibly sacred. Followed by a full band, it was wonderful to get a snapshot at the culture as we did today.

Finally, our night ended with dinner with a local co-op farmers and his family. Timoteo, the father of the farmer family, is a coffee farmer who has been working with coffee growing for 26 years. He has been a part of the co-op here for 11 years. However, Timoteo has been working on a farm with his family all of his life – after he finished fourth grade, his family could no longer afford to send him to school, so he helped on the farm. Timoteo has lived his whole life working so that we could afford for his children (5) to go to school. One daugther is a school teacher, another daughter is an accountant, his only son is a carpenter and coffee grower, and he did not talk about his other children. The way a family functions here is completely different than how it is back home… culture sure has shocked us.

Tomorrow, we will spend all day hiking, picking, and processing coffee with another local co-op farmer (who just happens to be Timoteo’s brother!).

Thanks for checking in with us!

ASB Guatemala :)


*sorry, could not upload all of the photos for tonight for some reason – we will try again tomorrow for this post.

Today is FINALLY the day!

Hello all!

My name is Austyn! I’m the other blogger for our lovely trip to Guatemala! We’ve officially been traveling for about 24 hours! Right now we’re all eating free breakfast at the hotel! Today we finally get to head to Guatemala to visit Antigua and hopefully see some ruins. Plus, we will be learning about the coffee farms! The awesome thing about this new flight is we all get to sit together! Check back with us later when we finally get to Guetamala

See ya,

ASB Guatemala



Day 1: Travel… and then some.

Today was the day we set off from campus to begin our wonderful adventure! Or at least that is what we hoped… our first flight out of Chicago was delayed for 3.5 hours, then our flight out of Atlanta, GA, left the terminal without our group before we landed in Atlanta.

The realization of not being able to arrive in Guatemala when expected shocked, startled, and annoyed many… which can be expected… but we all supported each other and talked out/vented our frustrations

However, here are some great things about today:

1) There was a group of about 30 Navy men, fresh from basic, that flew with us out of Chicago… that was the safest-feeling flight for all of us, to say the least.

2) We played spoons in the airport and learned how to play a new card game from Danielle (called “European War”) while waiting for what would happen next when missing the flight.

3) Awesome hotel rooms, (almost) EACH of us with our own bed :). And we ordered some really good pizza. AANNDDD there is a (“questionable”) whirlpool at the hotel that we may of may not go in.

At this exact moment, we are at a hotel provided for us by the airline and will FINALLY be leaving in a directly flight to Guatemala at about 10:30am. Wish us better luck in our travels tomorrow!


ASB Guatemala :)

Photo attached: playing spoons at the airport while we waited for further instructions.


Meet the ASB Guatemala 2016 group!

Hello friends and family!

Yo yooo, my name is Richelle and I’m one of the bloggers for this AMAZING trip our group will be going on! Throughout the week that we are in the mysterious and beautiful Guatemala, Austyn and myself will be making periodic blog posts regarding the trip – what we did, what we say, who we met… and all of that jazz! Also, each day we will try to feature one of the members on the trip about their experience and thoughts that day, so keep an eye out for that!

We would like to introduce the fun group with you! Below you can find the first group photo we took at one of our group meetings leading up to this exciting trip. Back row: Heather, Austyn, Richelle, Hailey, Molly, Nicole (UWO advisor) / Front row: Shelby, Eric, Crystal / Not pictured: Danielle

12002596_10101144051174783_8266645446602070274_oHere’s a little about the trip: During our time in Guatemala, we will be working with the organization De La Gente, which is a nonprofit that offers community tourism in order to give visitors the “real cultural experience by encouraging interaction,” as well as allowing us to support the local artisans and farmers. While there, we will be focusing on concepts of sustainability, and we will be working hands-on with the local communities through activities such as an artisan workshop, eating dinner with farmers from the co-op in their homes, and browsing around the market(s) to become more immersed with the culture.  We will also be learning about  and working with the coffee growing process and the importance of coffee in the community of San Miguel Escobar.  The hope is for our group to become fully immersed with this different culture.

Wish us safe travels, as we leave for the Chicago airport at 7:30am tomorrow from campus! Hopefully, we will be arriving to our final destination in Guatemala around 10:00pm (central time). Thank you so much for your wonderful support for everyone, and we hope to keep you as updated as possible through this blog!


ASB Guatemala :)

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