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Utah: Connectivity Modifier

Hello from Utah!  We hope all our #uwo Titans are having as much fun on their spring break as we are volunteering our time at Arches National Park Moab in Utah. We have been busy exploring and helping clean the park up.  Most importantly, we are working to ensure the native plants can regrow in the area to sustain the wildlife and maintain an eco-system. The photo below is called a ‘connectivity modifier’ or con mod for short, and its part of the Grassroots Restoration Project.  It’s purpose is to keep the wind from blowing seeds away so native plants can regrow in the area. We have been working hard to assemble and install these important tools!  Talk to you all soon :)


Volunteering and Exploring- Utah

Wow!  Arches and Canyonlands National Park(s) are AMAZING. National Parks rely each year on trail crews, clean up crews and general work crews to keep these federal lands pristine and accessible and our UW Oshkosh team is helping to maintain. This has been a great way for our group to connect, volunteer and explore! Camping and exploring really allows us to enjoy the natural wonders our world provides–time is going fast, but we are truly loving this experience.

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Construction Days Photos

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Honduras Photos 2016 Day 1

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