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Day numero tres

The day started early of us once again with a trip to Union Square Market. There were a few vendors when we first arrived but there was enough to tempt us into buying apples and a few of us bought some slices of cake from a local bread vendor. After briefly stopping at home base, we made our way to Gay Men’s Health Crisis. The two ladies working the front desk were a whoot! Workers from  numerous departments came and shared a little about what they do at the center. We look toward to our first day of volunteering and meeting the clients during lunch. The next epic adventure we experienced was a trip to Stanton Island to see the Statue of Libearerty and the awsome city line on the return trip.

Tomorrow we are venturing to Good Morning America and Time Square before we head off to our volunteer experience.

Till tomorrow,
Rya & Jen

One week till New York!

Greetings all!!

For our trip there will be two bloggers, Rya Montgomery and myself, Jen Koch. We are looking forward to getting to know those who work and visit Gay Man’s Health Club (GMHC) and other diverse opportunities available in New York. As a group we are all excited to share our experiences via pictures and experiential stories.

Till next Saturday,

Jen and Rya

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