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Arrived at the Annunciation Mission!


We’ve finally made it to New York!!!

We’ve made it safely to NYC!!! We survived a name change, first time flier and a delayed flight. So when we arrived in Milwaukee, my name on my ticket was Zazek instead of Nazek. It was only one letter off but going through security with two different names was not something We wanted to risk. Thankfully, a lovely woman, Susan, worked with us for an hour to change the name of my ticket.


Unfortunately, we weren’t able to escape the snow. 15 minutes before departure, a stewardess informed us NY was getting the snow storm we had last night so we were delayed about an hour. Meredith came prepared with UNO and other card games to keep us occupied. And of course, as we boarded the plane, the sun finally started to poke through the clouds, sending us off in good spirits. It was Nicole’s first time flying and she handled it like a champ =)


The bright lights and bustling traffic kept us enthralled as our shuttle driver zipped through the crowded streets. We’re living in very cute apartments on the cusp of Chinatown and Little Italy. We feasted at Lombardi’s, famous for their pizzas and calzones. Afterwards, we split into two groups: half of us went grocery shopping for the week while the rest scoped out some dumpling places right by our apartment.

( Jenny with the pizza)

Tomorrow is our major sightseeing day so stay tuned to see our shenanigans around the Big Apple!


Our new view!


We have settled in at the Father McKenna Center and even got a chance to explore some parts of the city while going grocery shopping earlier in the day. The above picture shows the view of the Capitol building that we get to see from our street each day for the next week. Everyone is very excited to start our volunteer work first thing Monday morning. Since it has been a long day we plan to relax and reflect on everything we have seen and experienced today.

Until tomorrow,

Warmer Weather Awaits!

Some of the New Orleans group ready to leave this snowy WI weather!!!


All ready to go!!!!


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