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Trip Itinerary!


I suppose we could give you all a bit of a rough outline as to what we will be doing!

Saturday – Day 1: We will be arriving at As Green As It Gets in the evening. We will probably be relaxing, and not doing a whole lot.

Sunday – Day 2: We will be going on a tour of Antigua, engaging in a few touristy attractions, and having dinner with a farmer.

Monday – Day 3: First real work day! We will be learning how to process coffee the old fashioned way! (Lots of elbow grease!)

Tuesday – Day 4: Pepian workshop and Artisan Workshop- Jade, woodworking, and iron.

Wednesday – Day 5: Agricultural hike and Market Scavenger hunt!

Thursday – Day 6: Construction at the Middle school all day!

Friday – Day 7: FUN DAY! We haven’t exactly nailed down what we are doing this day. Either Hiking a volcano, visiting a black sand beach, or seeing some Mayan Ruins.

Saturday – Day 8: Coming home (Sad/happy day) We will be back in Oshkosh VERY early on Sunday morning!



Packing Frenzy!


Today is finally the day! (Well, early tomorrow is…)

I spent a lot of time packing, and I still have a few things to finish up. It took some time to convince myself that I didn’t need to bring a pair of shorts for each day. I really wanted to pack light to make sure if I wanted to bring back some Souvenirs I would have some extra room!

I ended up packing about 9 tshirts, 3 pairs of shorts, a pair of jeans, a long skirt, and plenty of socks and underoos. I got travel size toiletries, which I know will save space. I did bring two sunscreens, a spray and a lotion. And plenty of aloe, because I think I will need it. (So pale!) I do have to pack a bit of homework sadly, because I was assigned a few big things due right after break. I know I’m not going to be putting a ton of effort in on that during my trip, but I will need to work on it. (on the plane?)

I am pretty nervous about the flight, even though I have flown several times, and once internationally. Planes just make me a little nervous! (it’s a metal tube in the sky people!!!) but I did pack some Dramamine if I get motion sickness. We shall see!

After my one class today, I’m off to run a few last errands. I need some work gloves!

Hopefully I can squeeze in one more post before departure! So excited for this journey! I’d like to thank my parents, relatives, and friends for being so supportive of me and this trip. I love you all!


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