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Thank you to our Sponsors!!!

As the coordinator of the Alternative Spring Break program, one thing I do is try to recruit new sponsors and donors to the program.  I do this by telling about the great stories the students and I have during our trips.  By recruiting sponsors and donors to the program, we are able to reduce the cost that each student has to pay to attend the trips.  And yes, our students do pay to spend their spring breaks learning and volunteering – they are an AMAZING bunch of individuals!

This year we have been truly blessed by some great sponsors and donors.  A HUGE thank you to the following departments, individuals, and businesses:

The American Democracy Project

Dr. Carleen VandeZande

Assurance Title

Ambassador Travel

Everyone who participated at ASB Trivia Night

Thank you!

As you read the stories from the students while they are away from campus, you will be assured that your donation went to good use.

About the Blogger – Sara

Hello everyone,

My name is Sara Jurisic and I will be blogging during our trip to Washington D.C over the spring break. I’m a senior here at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and will be graduating in May 2013 with a degree in English. The main reason why I wanted to take part in the ASB program this semester is because I wanted to give back. Over the past four years this university has given me so much and I wanted to do something to represent this great place in a positive light. Not only have I received an education here but I have also met so many inspirational and passionate people. They have though me that change is possible in the world and have encouraged me to embark on experiences such as the ASB program.

During my time here at UW- Oshkosh I have participated in a number of volunteer opportunities through different organizations on campus and I became especially passionate about the issues of poverty and homelessness. This is why going on the Washington D.C trip was my number one choice. I’m looking forward to gaining a new prospective and working in another community that is dealing with issues of homelessness and poverty. It is my hope that along with the rest of my group I will gain new knowledge and provide a helping hand that will make a difference no matter how small. I would love to use those experiences to educate others and encourage them to get involved in their own communities and help end homelessness one person at a time.

There are a few things that I am especially looking forward to and that is getting to know different people and gaining a better understanding of the difficulties they face each day. I am also very excited to experience this with a great group of people that I will be going on this trip with.

Until next time,

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