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Wrapping Up An Amazing Week!


Above is a picture of our last supper together as a group in New Orleans at Charlie’s seafood. We all had a great time in New Orleans and I think it is pretty safe to say that all of us have lots of experiences to share with everyone now that we are back in Wisconsin! Even though our flight was delayed about an hour on Saturday, we made it back to Oshkosh safe and sound that night. Thank you to all of you who have helped make a trip a success by either donating money, reading the blog, or by just praying for us or thinking of us. All of the support is greatly appreciated!

I had the time of my life

Friday we went to lake Atitlan, which was a 2.5 hour drive from where we were staying. This meant that we had to get up very early. We had a delicious breakfast of eggs, and of course tortillas. We left the house around 7:30am and headed up through the winding mountains. Along the drive we saw some very interesting things, like a cow strapped to the back of a pick up truck, and farm animals grazing along the side of the road with no fence. Since the drive was so long, windy, and bumpy a lot of people got car sick. Once we finally got to the lake it was beautiful. Everyone broke into groups and had different choices of activities to do. Most people started the morning by shopping at the huge market, some people are better at bargaining than others (Nicole and Matt were probably the best). Lunch was on your own so most people picked a nice little place to relax. Seven of us decided to skip lunch and zip line instead. Zip lining was so amazing! We took a tuc tuc up to the zip lining area. A tuk tuk is a mini taxi that can fit a max of three people, it is kind of scary, but something everyone should experience at least once. The zip line had eight lines that ranged from around 40 feet per second to 60 feet per second. Another option was to go to the nature reserve by the zip lines. The nature reserve has monkeys, raccoons, butterflies, and waterfalls. Rachel said that it was very cool. A third option was to take a boat to the different islands around the lake. The islands were all filled with indigenous people so it is a very big culture shock. Hannah said that she really enjoyed it. The final option was to continue shopping, which people with a lot of quetzals left over did. We met up again at 3:30 to head to Antigua for dinner. The 2.5 hour bus ride was again rough, especially with the added fog, but we made it back safely. At Antigua we had dinner at a place that serves As green as it gets coffee. It was a great dinner and they even had a live band. It was someone from the other group’s birthday (that is also staying at As green) so we celebrated with cake, dancing, and the live band playing happy birthday. After dinner we all piled into one van chicken bus style and had a dance party to the Black Eyed Peas song “Time of my life” it was a fantastic way to end the last night in Guatemala. Once we arrived at home we did reflection and then all packed up for the long day of travel.

Back to the snow

We left for the airport at about 1030 am today, and finally we are back in Wisconsin at midnight and no one is looking forward to the snow, but we are all excited for a nice shower and our own bed. This trip has been a wonderful experience for everyone. Keep watching the blog, because between getting reconnected we will be adding more pictures and sharing more little things. Thanks for all the support this whole time, it has been wonderful!
Love from ASB Guatemala!

At the airport!

Friday’s post is coming soon, but for now, we are at the hot airport about to fly to Panama City.


Flying back!

We are boarding our flight to Milwaukee pretty soon and are excited to be coming home tonight.


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