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Things to Do on Spring Break at UW Oshkosh

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It’s that wonderful time of the year when it’s seven weeks into the semester and we get a week off! That’s right, it’s SPRING BREAK 2012!!!! The great thing about spring break this year is that it is actually warm outside. I know, surprising for Wisconsin. If you’re like Nathan and I and decided to… Read more »

A quick look at the Mall of America

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I wanted to take a break from our longer posts by putting up a picture instead! I know many of you are just coming off of your spring breaks, so I decided to put up one of the pictures I took on the spring break trip I took this year (You can look at all… Read more »

The poor student’s guide to rocking spring break

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As I went up to my room after classes today, I ran into my friend Chelsea, who was carrying a package under her arm. “You got a package? Lucky!” I exclaimed. “Yeah. I bought myself a cute swimming suit for when I go to the Bahamas on break,” she responded. Some of you may be… Read more »