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Energy Drinks: Time Savers or Wasters?

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How is it possible to manage everything that accompanies college like classes, homework, clubs, intramurals and a social life?  Many college students ask themselves this very question. The consensus? There just aren’t enough hours in the day. So they start cutting into the night hours. Instead of sleep, students end up cracking open the energy… Read more »

The poor student’s guide to rocking spring break

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As I went up to my room after classes today, I ran into my friend Chelsea, who was carrying a package under her arm. “You got a package? Lucky!” I exclaimed. “Yeah. I bought myself a cute swimming suit for when I go to the Bahamas on break,” she responded. Some of you may be… Read more »

Happy National Nap Day!

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There’s a phrase that my friends and I often quote: “In college, you can get good grades, have a social life, and sleep. Now pick two.”