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Happy Blame Someone Else Day!

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We’ve all seen it: a scene out of a movie (or real life) in which a parent sees his or her child, trying to avoid eye contact, while standing next to a broken lamp. The parent then springs the question: “Who broke the lamp? You, I mean, ‘the child’ probably answered with, “It wasn’t me!… Read more »

Top Places to Make Friends on Campus

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Whether we want to admit it or not, it can be hard to meet new people. So the thought of going to college and having to make all new friends can be a little stressful. Some people may argue that it’s super easy to make friends when you live on campus – and I agree… Read more »

Things to Not Worry About in College

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If you are like I was my senior year of high school, you are now worrying about: paying for college, what you want to major in, how you will make friends, how to get good grades, and ultimately what you should do to prep for the rest of your life!  Hopefully you aren’t worrying quite… Read more »