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Wisconsin Covenant Program

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Think way back to the eighth grade. Do you recall signing the Wisconsin Covenant? Well before you answer yes or no, let me refresh your memory as to what the Wisconsin Covenant is and whether it pertains to you. So… what is it? The Wisconsin Covenant is an initiative that was started by Governor Jim… Read more »

Financial Aid – FAFSA

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You applied for college and got accepted into the school you wanted! (Hooray!) Your next thought: how am I supposed to pay for this? That is where the FAFSA can help. FAFSA stands for: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Filing the FAFSA can lessen the financial burden of paying for your college education. You… Read more »

How to Know if a College is “The One” for You

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Happy Valentine’s Day! In the spirit of the holiday, we thought we’d share a few ways you can find out if a college is the right “one” for you! A lot of times you may hear people say, “I go to UW Oshkosh because it just felt right.” For someone who is trying to find… Read more »