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You Know You’re A Titan When…

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Once you’ve been at UW Oshkosh as long as I have (almost three years), you’ll realize that there are a lot of common experiences among us Titans. Everyone knows Dawn, the amazing omelette lady at Blackhawk Commons, and no one has a shortage of comments to make about the crazy campus squirrels. Once you attend… Read more »

HOW TO: Talk like a Titan

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There are certain words or phrases you may hear around the UW Oshkosh campus that you have never heard of before or are unaware of what they truly mean. Theses are phrases that all UW Oshkosh students come to know and use on a day-to-day basis. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of… Read more »

HOW TO: Complete your freshman application

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The fall of your senior year is a busy time. You’ve got everything from classes, to sporting events to part-time jobs going on. All while still being social and keeping up with Instagram, Facebook — you name it. It’s also the time of year for thinking about college: Visiting colleges. Researching colleges. Applying to colleges…. Read more »

Home Away From Home: City of Oshkosh Dining

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Hello again, future Titans! I’m back with the second installment of the Home Away From Home blog. This time, I’m going to focus on some of the yummiest restaurants that Oshkosh has to offer.  Sure, you can go to any number of awesome chain restaurants in Oshkosh… but if you want the insider scoop on… Read more »

Home Away From Home: Meet the City of Oshkosh – Events

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Waterfest 2011 (114)

Although it’s important to be familiar with what’s going on around the UW Oshkosh campus, it’s just as important to know what’s going on in the city around you! This will be the first installment of a new blog series exploring different areas of the Oshkosh community.  The city of Oshkosh has many things to… Read more »

UW Oshkosh Myth vs. Fact

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There are a lot of things you may hear about college. Things that may make you nervous, excited or maybe even a little confused. That’s why I want to break a few of these things down for you into “myths” and “facts.” Here we go. MYTH: At first, being around a ton of new people… Read more »

19 Reasons You Should be Excited to be a Titan!

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Are you stoked to go to UW Oshkosh? You should be! There are TONS of reasons you should be excited — so in the spirit of the Class of 2019, here are the first 19 things I thought of that you have to look forward to once you get here: from the several academic and… Read more »

Questions to Ask on Your College Tours

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The summer season has arrived at UW Oshkosh, which can only mean one thing: college visits! While you are out visiting schools it can be difficult to think of important questions so, being a tour guide myself, I have compiled a list of the top questions that I receive while giving tours at UW Oshkosh…. Read more »

Top 9 Reasons to Consider Exchange Programs

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Prague, Spain, California, Greece, Japan, Hawaii: these are just a few examples of locations where you can study as a UW Oshkosh student. With hundreds of programs offered, your travel dreams can become a reality. I spent a semester studying abroad in Spain learning the Spanish language and culture, as well as a semester in… Read more »

100 Thoughts Students Have Before Coming to UW Oshkosh

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1. OMG I’m accepted. OMGOMGOMG. *Instagrams acceptance letter* *Tweets* *Updates Facebook status* *tweets again* *happily sobs* 2. Does this mean I have to submit my FAFSA now? 3. What is FAFSA? 4. Where do I find a FAFSA? 5. OK this FAFSA thing is wayyyyy too confusing. Maybe I’ll just pass on this college thing… Read more »