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Tips to approach your professors for advice and help

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We all know that college is fun time – living in the residence halls, going to eat with friends and participating in all the activities available in Reeve Union such as Titan Nights and Open Mic Night. But, we also know that college can be a stressful time. All the classes we take require a… Read more »

Excited for Spring? Some tips for decorating your room

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The summer before I moved into UWO, I spent a lot of time planning out how I would decorate my residence hall room in South Scott. My mom and I spent many summer afternoons in TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Target (my three favorite places to shop), finding bright and cute things for my new room… Read more »

Brownie Hoarding: Confessions from a UWO Brownie Aficionado

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When I take future UWO students out on campus tours, I always get questions about the quality of food here. And this is understandable – we are teenagers and young adults… and we are hungry! But, trust me, you have nothing to fear here! The food is delicious – from burritos at Titan Taco, to… Read more »