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How smart is your phone?

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The first outdoor telephone line was used on April 4, 1877.  More than 130 years later, in 2011, phones aren’t just used for talking to someone in a different building anymore. Instead they can actually be used as mini computers, providing you with tons of knowledge at your fingertips day and night. And these phones… Read more »

Going “One Day Without Shoes”

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Picture your closet. Now focus closer on each pair of shoes you have lying in there. How pairs do you think you see? 5? 10? 20? As a shoe lover, I know my number is even higher than that. In the United States most people have at least one pair of shoes. But that’s not… Read more »

A Tangled Weekend

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The last couple weeks before spring break get a little stressful because of it being a good mid-point for professors to give tests. Luckily there are ways to relax during this time as well. Some examples? Well, I found a perfect way to break up my studying by going to, drum roll please, Reeve Union… Read more »