100 Thoughts Students Have Before Coming to UW Oshkosh

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1. OMG I’m accepted. OMGOMGOMG. *Instagrams acceptance letter* *Tweets* *Updates Facebook status* *tweets again* *happily sobs*

My emotions
2. Does this mean I have to submit my FAFSA now?
3. What is FAFSA?
4. Where do I find a FAFSA?
5. OK this FAFSA thing is wayyyyy too confusing. Maybe I’ll just pass on this college thing and become a mime.
6. “Daaaaaaad, help me do my FAFSAAAAAAAAA!”
7. Psh that was a piece of cake. Totally easy. No confusion at all. So can I move in now?
8. …Placement tests? What?
9. My grades from high school aren’t enough?
10. OK, OK. I’ll take the tests.
11. LOL this test is so easy.
12. Wait what does that word mean?
13. And that one?
14. OK I’m pretty sure that one isn’t even in English.
15. Oh well. That’s over.
16. What’s next? Odyssey? Sweet!
17. Wait… I have to be there at what time??
18. Ohh… please don’t take my picture.
19. Seriously no, I just slept in the car on my way here. This is not OK.
20. Can I just have Clash for my picture instead?
21. Or take it anyway. That’s cool.
22. Whoa whoa whoa — they have a Starbucks here?!
23. Oh hi, Odyssey leader. Be my friend? I know no one else here.
24. Hold up… I schedule when I want to take my classes?
25. Double hold up… I have the ability to have certain days free from classes?
26. 8 a.m. class?  That’s not that bad. Classes started at 7:30 a.m. in high school. Sweet! I get to sleep in!
27. And I get done around noon!
28. This is epicness.
29. Time to go home. Parental units! I made friends today!
30. OK… well… I talked to the person in the seat next to me for a couple minutes.
31. Their name? Ummmm….something with an “S” I think…maybe a “B” …I couldn’t really tell you.
32. I bet they would have made a good roommate too.
33. I should probably start looking for a roommate actually. *Comments on “Class Of” Facebook page* “Looking for a roommate. I’m super organized and don’t get along well with messy people. Message me!”
34. OK it’s been like 10 minutes already. *Refreshes Facebook inbox* No messages.
35. 15 minutes. Still no messages.


36. Maybe I just posted at a bad time… Everyone is probably busy and hasn’t seen it yet.
37. Someone liked it!! Wait. What does a “like” mean? Should I message them?
38. Maybe they just think I sound like a nice person but they already have a roommate. I’ll just leave them be.
39. …But maybe they’re shy and want me to make the first move. I’m messaging them.
40. “Hi!  I see you liked my post…um…do you have a roommate yet???”
41. OK they definitely already have a roommate. Maybe I should just try for a random roommate.
42. Housing Portal! Hello, how are you today? What residence hall do I want? Can I put Fletcher for the first five?
43. Wait… maybe I want to live in the Scotts. *Searches pictures of South Scott*
44. OK the Scotts have Pizza Hut. Bye Fletcher. Hello South Scott.


45. Don’t worry Fletcher, you can have my number two spot.
46. *Randomly places the other res halls into rankings*
47. Can I move in now?
48. Random roommate time! Yes, I’m organized.
49. Yes, I want my roommate to be organized.
50. Oh, and please find me a roommate who goes to sleep at normal times.
51. And isn’t loud.
52. And has a subscription to Netflix and a big screen TV.
53. OK apparently there isn’t a choice for that.
54. Annnnnd submit. Now we wait.
55. Is it move-in day yet?
56. What do I even need to bring?
57. Who knows the next time I’ll even be home. I’m totally packing all my sandals. And winter shoes. And tennis shoes. And everything else. Even the Crocs.

58. Two hangers will be enough right?
59. If I stretch out the bed sheets I have now, will I not have to buy Twin XL sheets?
60. OK, OK, mom. I won’t stretch the sheets.
61. Mom, I need the living room though. Where else am I going to put all my college stuff?
62. Mom, seriously, it’s only a couple months and then I move in and it will all be gone.
64. All right I’ll move it to my room.
65. Maybe I should buy my books now.
66. I have no idea what I’m doing.
67. Where do I even buy these?
giphy (2)
68. All right think now…where did my tour guide say I could get books….
69. Pre-order books at the Bookstore? Well don’t mind if I do.
70. Maybe I should order some Titan apparel too. I want to blend in when I get there.
71. I’ll just get one shirt.
72. Make that two.
73. And a hat.
74. Maybe a fleece? It is Wisconsin, I might as well buy one now.
75. Scratch the fleece.  I need to think like a college student now. MONEY IS SCARCE.
76. OK I’m seriously antsy to move in now.
77. Hmm… Hey don’t I have a UW Oshkosh email account?
79. OK, what have I missed.
80. Hmm apparently last month places were hiring on campus.
81. Maybe I should get a job on campus.

82. I could be a retail assistant.
83. Or I could work at the bookstore.
84. Maybe the movie theater?
85. Oh my gosh, I got my roommate assignment.
86. I wonder where my roommate is going to work.
87. “Hey roomie!  Just checking in to say hello! I can’t wait to meet you!! Also are you bringing a futon?? And are you getting a job at school? What kind of meal plan do you have? Should we get coffee sometime???”
88. Nailed it.
89. Sweet they have a futon!
90. Wait does this mean we have to get a loft now?
91. South Scott definitely doesn’t come with a loft. Time to pre-order one.
92. I bet it won’t even be that bad. We could even bunk our beds!
93. I totes call dibs on the bottom bunk.
94. We’ll have so much more room for activities!

95. Can my dog come with me?
96. Seriously, I can’t live without Scruffles.
97. What if I get him a fish costume?
98. Fish are okay, right?


99. All right I can leave the dog at home.
100. So is it time to move in now?


PS: Stay tuned for thoughts on move-in day and the first day of class…

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