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One of the most common questions we get on tour is: “What is there to do at UW Oshkosh?” Entertainment is really important — I get that — I don’t like to be bored either! So, since I’ve been around for a while and know a thing or two about some of the many fun things to do at UWO, I’ve decided to kick off our new “UW Oshkosh Entertainment” blog series. This is the first of many future blogs highlighting just a few of the events students enjoy going to.

We’ll start with one near and dear to my heart: Titan Nights. This event happens the first Friday of every month during the semester. It’s totally free and the theme changes every time. Make sure you remember this event and add it to your calendars now: you won’t want to miss it.

Instead of writing out paragraphs on paragraphs about the event… I summarized my thoughts into five reasons why you definitely want to attend Titan Nights.

My Five Reasons to Attend Titan Nights:


5. Crafts and Keepsakes

Titan Nights has plenty of ways to get involved and have fun. Some easy ways to have fun are the craft area and the little keepsake areas. Some of my favorites are the caricatures, balloon art and the photo booth. If you want something that you can keep to remember the night you should check out the caricature artist and get a picture of you and a friend or get a fun balloon animal! (Though… if you’re aiming for longevity in your keepsake… maybe don’t rely too much on the balloon animal and stick to the crafts/caricatures.)

2012-05-03 18.10.14.jpg

4. Live Musical Performances

There is usually always some sort of live performance going on at Titan Nights, a popular choice being live music. It could be the DJ Club playing music throughout the event, live bands performing “battle of the bands” style, or a variety of other musical performances. You can passively listen to the music as you get your caricature drawn or you can head down to the Titan Underground, where most of the concerts are usually held, and dance.

3. Live Entertainment

Something I always enjoy about Titan Nights is the live entertainment. This could be in the form of a magician, comedian, hypnotist or some other type of performer. Sometimes there are fashion shows too, which all feature UWO students! If game shows are more your style, Titan Nights has had those too; game shows like “Minute to Win It “or Trivia shows are always a big hit at Titan Nights. And yes, there are prizes that go along with those games!

2. Celebrities

Something really cool from the last Titan Nights was having Hannah McIalwain from the Glee project come to UW Oshkosh to speak about body positivity and promote her True Beauty Project. It was amazing to hear her speak, but because I am a staff member I was also able to sit down and talk with her before and after her performance! It’s not uncommon to have other people like Hannah come to Titan Nights. There are other ways to meet celebrities through student organizations… but that’s another blog entirely.


1. Free

And the number one reason you should go to Titan Nights? IT IS FREE. As in $0. No money required. Whether you’re watching the performances, listening to music, making crafts, taking pictures in the photobooth, attending the FREE movie up in the theatre, or eating FREE midnight breakfast (etc.,)… you just get to go hang out. It’s seriously the best thing ever. And not only do you get all that stuff… you get to keep what you make… AND… possibly win prizes on top of that. We had a casino night earlier this year where you could play casino games (FOR FREE) and then use your “money” to enter to win actual prizes. It just doesn’t get much better than that. So, you don’t have anything to lose by at least checking it out when you first get to campus. I guarantee you’ll fall in love and be hooked.

I could probably talk about Titan Nights forever… but these are just a few of the reasons I think you should go. Make sure you check it out for yourself. If you have any questions about Titan Nights, you can send me a message on my facebook page (facebook.com/amanda.uwo) and I can help you out. Otherwise, that’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed the blog and look forward to more installments through the rest of the semester. (We’re starting a bit late in the year… but we’ll try to write about a few fun things over the summer too!)

Have a good one!


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