10 Ways to Meet New Friends in 2014

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Whether it’s your first, second or eighth semester on campus, you can always meet new people! With a campus population of about 13,500, you’re bound to find people who share the same interests as you. “But Sherry…” you say, “I already have friends!” … Well, make some more! You can never have too many friends — and chances are, you’ll still talk to quite a few of these people after graduation. To aid you in your quest for companionship, I’ve put together a few of my personal favorite strategies for meeting new people. Class of 2018-ers: bookmark this for later and study up before move-in!

  1. Join Clubs and Organizations
    One easy and fun way to meet more people is to join clubs and organizations (there are more than 160 clubs and organizations, by the way…). There are clubs that relate to just about every major. For instance, since I am a Radio/TV/Film major, I am involved with UWO’s television station (Titan TV) and radio station (WRST).  Not only do you get to participate in something you’re interested in, but you can also make more friends that share your similar interests. As a commuter student (or any other student for that matter), it’s also nice to know that all of these clubs and organizations meet around the time class gets done- there’s no running from here to there and then there to here.


  2. Volunteer
    Along with joining clubs and organizations, you can volunteer!  Whether it be participating in blood drives and other volunteer opportunities like Hands-on-Oshkosh, there are many volunteer opportunities at UWO and in the surrounding community.  I love volunteering. It’s such a rewarding experience.
  3. Form Study Groups
    By forming study groups within your classes, you can be amongst people who are motivated to do well in the class, just like you! (And you’ll get an outsiders view on some notes…it’s a win-win!). Getting to know your fellow classmates is extremely important, especially within your major – you can craft future networking opportunities! I’ve had classes with students who now work with well-known businesses like Facebook, the Packers and Splash News. I still keep in touch with them because who knows, maybe someday there will be a job opening and they mention my name to their boss! How cool would that be?
  4. Attend On-Campus Events
    By going to the Reeve movie theatre, craft nights, concerts, or any other on-campus event, you can hang out with other UWO students. This is an enjoyable way to meet new students for the year of 2014…plus it’s FUN. I enjoy going to Titan Nights, which is a monthly event organized by Reeve Union Board members! There are comedians, hypnotists, caricaturists, crafty art supplies, sumo-wrestling suits (that gets pretty intense) and other great activities. Plus, there are usually FREE prizes. I’ve won some great things and you can too!on campus events2
  5. Residence Halls
    Another way to meet other students is in your residence hall. When I lived in South Gruenhagen as a freshman, I met my neighbors, my Community Advisor (CA) and of course, my roommate. The CA also creates fun activities for everyone! I remember playing Bingo and trivia, studying in the lounge with tasty snacks, drinking free hot chocolate and homemade Shamrock Shakes and so much more.residence halls
  6. On-Campus Jobs
    Looking to meet new students as well as earn cash and gain work experience? Well hey, apply for an on-campus position! I was able to apply and work through UWO Athletics! I get to attend UWO sporting events and work with fun students. Also, keep your eye on UWO’s Admissions page- that’s where I applied to be on the GO2UWO Social Media Team in the Admissions Office and I definitely love working on the GO2UWO Team!oncampusjobs1
  7. Sports/Intramurals
    To me, being active and healthy is important, especially since I’m a busy college student. Not only can you workout at the Rec and Wellness Center to work off your stress, but you can also join an energetic sport or intramural team! UWO offers a variety of Division 3 sports teams, including baseball, soccer, basketball, wrestling, gymnastics and so many more! For intramural sports there are a ton of options.  I, personally, have played intramural soccer with an awesome group of people!
  8. Study Abroad/Exchange Programs
    There are also several Study Abroad opportunities where you can meet other UWO students! The Study Abroad program is a very flexible and fun way to travel and experience the rest of the world. UWO has several destinations, including England, Australia, Germany, Greece, China, and so many more. Did I mention it’s a good price?! Grants, scholarships, and financial aid are all available for this AMAZING opportunity. A few of my friends have studied abroad and they wouldn’t change it for the world. They indulged themselves in a new culture and met other great friends while doing so.
  9. UWO Trips
    You’re probably just like, “Sherry, what do you mean by UWO trips? You just talked about Studying Abroad.” Well, ya see, UW Oshkosh also offers a variety of nearby trips! For instance, Xpeditions, which is run by the Student Rec and Wellness Center, takes students skiing, sledding, horseback riding, spelunking, rock climbing, biking, camping, etc.Reeve Union also takes UWO students on several trips! Students have attended Brewer and Bucks games, broadway shows (students saw Wicked earlier this week!), and concerts! Pretty awesome if you ask me.oncampusevents1
  10. Audition for a Play or Musical Ensemble
    Do you love acting and public speaking? Or maybe you want to become better at acting and public speaking? Well, by performing in a play, you can become more comfortable performing while also being a part of a theatre family! UW Oshkosh’s theatre department puts on several plays throughout the school year! After performing in a few plays, I have become more comfortable with myself and I have made so many new friends. If you’re interested in keeping up with music, you can also audition to be involved in a number of ensembles on campus!

Those are just a few of the many ways you can meet other UWO students. There are actually quite a few more that I could list — but I think 10 is a good place to start. Let’s get out there and make some new friends!

P.S. Have an AMAZING start to your 2014 school year. And, Class of 2018: can’t wait to see you soon!!!


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