5 Ways to Get Ready to Be a Titan

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It’s official: the spring semester is finally here at UW Oshkosh – much like it is for high schools everywhere!  And, as is tradition at the start of a new year, you’ve probably added a few “resolutions” to your to-do list. (Hopefully you’re still hanging in there a month in!!)

But, with the start of a new semester… what kind of resolutions should be on your radar? The ones that help you prepare for college of course!  Now I realize that college may still seem far away… but take it from a student who has been in your shoes… it will sneak up on you.  Here are a few different steps you should take to make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running on September 3!

  1. First things first, find a mentor.
    Whether it is a counselor or teacher, these individuals will be able to supply you with a variety of information: from understanding requirements needed to be admitted to UW Oshkosh to study tips that will help you get the best GPA possible to what classes and extracurriculars you should get involved in to stand out from the crowd.
  2. Have an open mind!
    When planning your schedule for both high school and college, don’t stick to the same classes you’ve been taking for years.  Go out of your comfort zone and try something new. Who knows? You could find out that you actually love it.  More importantly, you could possibly find your future major! A lot of students come in undecided — even if you think you know what you want to study — so taking a variety of classes really helps give you a sense for what’s out there.
  3. Start preparing for living on your own.
    Whether it is learning to do your own laundry or waking up on your own in the morning, you’ll be thankful if you start doing these things now. Prepare for it early so that once you’re all moved in it will be second nature. You’ll appreciate having clean clothes and making it to class on time. (Pro tip: if you take a nap… set an alarm or two. Fifteen minutes is never fifteen minutes.)
  4. Ask around.
    Talk to others who have been in the same spot you’re in now. People who have experienced college can offer great advice, such as what to bring or how to meet people on campus once you arrive. And don’t forget we’re always here to help you with this step as well! You can check out all of our Facebook pages on the blog homepage. (Or just skip right to mine: here.)IMG_0008
  5. Get organized and read email.
    Keep a planner.  Use a calendar.  Whatever works best. By scheduling deadlines and events more often, you’ll develop the good habit of doing things on a schedule. More importantly, you’ll avoid that awkward moment when you arrive to class and find out your paper is due that day and not next week. (Similar for exams… quizzes… projects… you get the gist.) UW Oshkosh’s email system functions off Google, so if you really want to get ahead, start using Google calendar to understand how it works. Also… check your email daily. This is important. You don’t want to miss important notifications from professors or announcements for free food.

By following these steps, you can be sure to have everything ready to go once your time to attend UWO is finally here.  Just remember to start early: a finished to-do list is a happy to-do list!


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