UW Oshkosh Homecoming 2013

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UWO Homecoming 2013

Well hello again everyone!

My name is Andre and I’m a sophomore majoring in Human Services Leadership and I also play basketball here at UWO. I’m from Sun Prairie, which is literally five minutes from Madison. I did some blogs last year and I’m back at it again.

So, last week was homecoming. And I thought that’d be a good place to kick off my sophomore blog series.

I remember back when I was in high school, the thing that I looked forward to the most in the fall was homecoming week. With all the events and spirit wear activities going on, it was seriously the best thing any high school-er could look forward to. And you can’t forget about the biggest event that week… The FOOTBALL GAME!

Well even here at UWO we do the same thing. You join a team, whether it is through a club, Greek life, residence hall, etc., and compete in events throughout the week to see if you have what it takes to be homecoming champs! The basketball team and one of the sororities (Zeta Tau Alpha) actually participated together this year in the events! Here are some of the homecoming events that the teams take apart in:

  1. Window Painting: In the student union, Reeve Union, the teams each have their own window space to use to try to connect their team logo to the theme that is going on that year. This year’s theme was “Where Titans Dare to Dream” and it had kind of a Disney vibe to it. So, this year our team got “The Little Mermaid” and this is how our window turned out! (I drew Flounder)
  2. Hall/ House Decorating: Just like the window painting in Reeve, but you would do it to your house or your residence hall’s main lounge and front desk space. “Up” was the theme this year.
  3. Talent Show: You take your finest talents and show them to the judges and an audience of your fellow students.
  4. Spoons: Yes. One of the events you play is the card game of spoons. My team played the classic card game of spoons. It was a hard fight but we ended up taking third.
  5. Flag football: This is done in a tournament style of play. We took first in the flag football tourney! Woo! We won on a last-second hail-mary pass to the end zone.
  6. Food Drive: This is done to help raise money in the community and is interwoven throughout the week.
  7. Yell Like Hell/ Lip Sync: You and your team come up with a chant and you do a stomp routine. You also come up with choreographed dance to go along with it the theme of that homecoming.
  8. Tent City: Clubs and organizations bring a tent out before the football game and show off their stuff. There is a lot of free stuff at tent city… and free food. Each tent has a game or something for people to interact with and it is open to the public. We actually did not have enough people that could go to tent city so we did not participate in it.
  9. The Football Game! Yes!! We won against UW LaCrosse scoring 30 points to their 6 points. It was great!

So there you have it. There is a lot going on, so homecoming week goes by really, really fast; however, it was a ton of fun and is always a great way to make a bunch of new friends.

Stay in tune for my future blogs and such. Also like my Facebook page: Andre at UWO. And if you’re ever on campus and you see me stop and say hi! I’m very talkative and will probably talk your ear off! Take care everyone! :D

– Andre

PS: You can view a whole video summary of homecoming events throughout the week here.

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