Checklist: Things to look for when choosing between colleges

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So you’ve been accepted to multiple colleges? Congratulations! Now comes the really tough part. Choosing one.

We put together a video blog on this topic a little bit ago, but thought a hard list might be helpful to have as well.

  1. Look at the campus itself. Make sure to tour your top choices. Seeing a campus in person is a lot more impactful than seeing it online or in pictures. Talk to current students and ask good questions. This is a good chance to see if a college fits your personality and feels like home.
  2. Make sure your choice has the academic program you’re interested in studying!
  3. … And that it has a few backup programs as well. People change their minds all the time. It happens!
  4. Check proximity. How far away is the college from your hometown? Do you want it to be close to home? Or far away? On your doorstep or across the ocean? How close is the college to everything else? Check to see there is stuff nearby that interests you: jobs, shopping, restaurants, etc., As well as campus amenities. What can you do right on campus? What services are provided? Academic and disability services, career advising, clubs, etc.,
  5. Consider the size of the school. Both in student population as well as actual size. Do you feel lost or comfortable? Do you want a short walk to class or not mind getting on a bus and trekking a ways to class?
  6. Check price! If everything else is pretty even, consider finances and go with an affordable option.

This is just a super brief list of some ideas of the big things you should consider. These things might be weighted differently in your mind. Your perfect school might not actually exist… you might have to sacrifice a few things to get what’s really important to you. Just keep an open mind and you’ll be fine!

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