Freshman Prince of UWO: Thanksgiving Recap and Finals

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Happy “super-late” Thanksgiving! I totally forgot to say that in the last blog (how rude of me). I hope all of you stuffed your faces full of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and all that other good Thanksgiving food! I’m thankful for this wonderful job (haha!), being on the basketball team with a great group of guys and being a Titan!

I’m going to talk about my Thanksgiving break/Black Friday experience,  how classes are going and extra bits of insight.

The Break and Sad Black Friday Experience

My break was pretty short. Short, but good. I had basketball practice Wednesday morning, so I stuck around while all my friends left on Tuesday night, which is when break started.

Once practice was done on Wednesday, my mom came and picked me up to take me back home. Once I got home, I went straight to my best friend’s house because I haven’t seen him since he left early August. I stayed at his house for about four hours and then I took my brother to get our hair cut. My flat top is now standing at 3.5 inches [:D.

Thanksgiving came around and boy was it good! We went to my little brothers friend’s house. They had a 26-pound turkey! That was was the only thing I cared about, but they also had other traditional Thanksgiving food.

Now to the really sad experience. My best friend called me and asked if I wanted to sit in line with him at Best Buy. He wanted to get this really good deal on a 50-inch TV. Me being the good friend I am I said, “Sure, why not?”

If you can remember that far back, it was pretty warm on Thanksgiving! So it was not a big deal to wait outside at first. But… as soon as we got there, Mother Nature did a 180 and all the sudden it was 30 degrees outside and windy! We waited outside in the cold… and my friend didn’t even get the TV that he wanted (waited three-and-a-half hours for nothing!!)

Once we failed to get what we wanted from Best Buy, my friend and I still wanted to get the full Black Friday experience. We went to the Target right down the street. As soon as we got there, it was chaotic. Everyone was running around. Someone even hit me with their cart and tried to blame me for being in the way! After that my friend and I had enough and decided to stop at the mall, which was seriously a high school reunion. We saw everyone from high school. It was a good time.

I came back to school Friday night because my break was over. I worked at the first playoff football game, which they won  — congrats! And I also had basketball practice later that night.

So that was my break. Exciting, right??

The Classes and My Thoughts

Classes right now are getting a little stressful since final exams are coming up. I have been buckling down and trying to study. I think I’m pretty prepared for most of my finals, but sociology is going to be a struggle. Basketball is going good as always.

Oh and those shoes that I said I was going to get in my last post… I decided not to get them. I need to save money because the basketball team is going to Las Vegas over winter break! WOO! :D

Well, all and all I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! Any Black Friday shoppers out there get any good deals? (Or the TV we tried to get??) Talk to you guys in my next blog.

Keep it real spotted seals.


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