Life of Andre: The “Freshman Prince of UWO”

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Why, hello again!

So, this is the second blog of mine and there is just so much to talk about! To keep it simple, I’ll focus on the food around campus, res hall life and the upcoming events in my schedule.

The Food

The food around campus is pretty good. I toured about seven schools last year and out of all of them Oshkosh by far has the best food. You can either get the 15 or 21 meal plan: 15 meals a week or 21 meals a week. I’m on the 15, but you should get the 21 if you eat a lot like myself. (I’m upgrading at semester!) Monday through Friday people typically eat at Blackhawk or get food from the “To-Go” room. Tuesday and Thursday are the best days to eat “To-Go” because they have the buffalo chicken sandwiches or buffalo chicken wraps (they’re the best!).

On the weekends I either eat at Scotty’s or Reeve and they have delicious food like Pizza Hut, subs, salads, and tacos. If you want to eat off campus there are a ton of places nearby, like Polito’s, Subway, Toppers, or Papa John’s. You can’t complain about that.

Res Hall Life

In the residence halls everything is really easy-going. Most of the time people have their doors open and you can just stroll along and say “what’s up.” There are lounges on each floor that you can study or do homework in as well. The CAs are really understanding and laid back. So your res hall experience is a blast.

I’ve found myself meeting all types of people. I also find myself playing tons of music in my room, pretty much having a dance party. I bring out my boombox from time to time and start on the 10th floor of North Scott and go floor to floor jamming out to music. :D

My Schedule

This last weekend we had we had three basketball game in a row. I started all three games, which I’m honored to be able to do because I am one of three “true” freshmen on the team. We played St. Norberts on Thursday, we lost the game by 79-49. I had 4 points and 3 rebounds. It was our first game of the season so the game was more of a learning process for us. The next day we played Ripon college and lost 66-53. I had 7 points and 9 rebounds. The last game was a different story though. We played Edgewood College and we won in overtime 64-54! I made two free throws that tied the game with 15 seconds left in the game. I had 2 points and 5 rebounds. After these three games I’m leading the team in rebounds with 17.

Now that it is Thanksgiving weekend I cannot wait to get back home and start eating for two days straight. I’m also going shopping on Black Friday! I’m getting two pairs of shoes (I own eight pairs here at school and 13 back home) and I’m seriously pumped to get them! (I put a pic of them in here.)

After I shop till I drop, I’m coming back up to UWO to work at the second round playoff game for football. Then after work I have practice. So overall a busy weekend but fun!

Talk to you all later! Happy Thanksgiving!

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