What’s in my backpack?

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It seems like you never leave your room without your backpack in college. It holds important books, assignments and schedules. When it rains, you hold the umbrella over your backpack… not yourself. Though you’ve lugged one with you since you were five years old, this object now distinguishes you and marks you as “a college student,” completing the steps needed to reach your dreams.

Everyone’s backpack holds a unique story. Today, I would like to share the contents of my backpack with you and share a little bit of my story.

Student ID

This item is commonly shared among all university students. Your student ID acts as a form of official identification, a debit card, a meal allowance and a key to many buildings.  My ID is connected to a lanyard to prevent me from misplacing it. When given your student ID, remember the importance of this tiny plastic card and keep it close to you at all times.

Cough Drops

The kid who has the cough attack in the middle of class… yeah, that was me. Never again will I be caught without this handy item. Getting sick while at college is no fun and to clear up illnesses fast, there is a Student Health and Wellness Center that offers discounted or free services to students. Take advantage of the many free and discounted services offered to students. And bring cough drops!

Pencil Case

My pencil case is home to more than twenty writing utensils. And more impressively, all these pencils and pens were free! Campus organizations and clubs hand out free items every year at an event called “Taste of Oshkosh.” Students, including myself, not only take advantage of free items, but also learn about the large variety of clubs on campus and how to get involved. Currently, I’m a member of Student WEA, a club consisting of future educators, and attend sessions led by professionals from local school districts. Not only am I receiving great networking opportunities, but I’m creating many friendships as well.

Books, Books, and more Books

Adding more than ten pounds to my bag, my books contribute to a large portion of my college career. Because UW Oshkosh is a liberal arts university, my textbooks encompass a large variety of subjects. From titles including Child and Adolescent Development, Weather and Climate, and Active Lifestyle, to Computers in Education, World Religions, and Medieval Literature, my textbooks display the well-rounded education I’m receiving. Even if courses don’t seem directly linked to your future career, keep an open mind and embrace the information presented. You never know when it might come in handy.


Stained with coffee, my planner is filled with events and to-do lists. Overall, this planner helps me plan for my future. Begin your college career by discovering what needs to be completed and the requirements needed to reach your goals. Here at UW Oshkosh students are appointed academic advisors. These individuals explain requirements needed and guide you towards graduation. Start planning for your future and establish the steps needed to achieve your dreams.


You never know when you’re going to be craving a burger loaded with onions. There are a large variety of food options on campus including tacos, Pizza Hut pizza, subs, and burgers. Special options are also available for students with dietary needs. Either way, you will never go hungry.


The sun was shining and the birds were chirping as I walked to class on a beautiful Monday morning. However, throughout the course of a day, weather can change abruptly. By the afternoon, rain was pouring down and I transformed a 10-minute walk into a four-minute run. Moral of the story? Learn from your mistakes and be prepared for whatever life may send your way.

Dr. Pepper

I rarely leave my room without a can of soda. This caffeinated beverage not only wakes me up for those early 8 a.m. classes, but reminds me of the loved ones I have supporting me. My family’s tradition is to drink Dr. Pepper on Sunday with traditional “Sunday soup.” This item reassures me that no matter what the day may bring, I know I’m making my family proud. I encourage you to carry an item with you throughout the day that reminds you of home – a picture, a note, or even a can of soda — to supply you with a little extra motivation and comfort.

Though simple, the contents of my backpack tell a story unlike all others. Attending UW Oshkosh has enabled me to dream, accomplish, and achieve things I never knew possible.

Now it’s your turn. What’s in your backpack? 

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