10 Pieces of Advice That Will Help You in College

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So, a bunch of my friends are graduating from high school soon and I wrote up these tips on cards to share with them. Then I realized that they were actually pretty helpful overall. So I hope you enjoy!

Al’s College Advice

  1. Get Ear Plugs. Residence Halls aren’t the same as your room at home. And people really like stereo systems. So, if you’re like me and like to control when it gets quiet… get ear plugs.  Seriously, best $1.50 spent in my life.
  2. Enjoy your Friends. AKA your new family. Be open to all different types of people and start forming friendships.  You will know who they are when you meet them.
  3. Academics. Uh huh, grades. Make sure you stay on top of these because they’re kind of important. For electives and other optional classes, don’t take the classes that sound easy.  Take the ones that sound interesting.  You actually learn some pretty cool stuff so pay attention and study.  Even random tangents now and then provide useful info for the future.
  4. Family. Even though you may not realize it now, chances are you might experience some homesickness. The first month is tough, but once you make it past this, you will be good to go. Experience college life and don’t come home until a month has passed.
  5. Smile. With stress levels running a little higher than usual, it can be hard to remember to relax. Start your day with a funny YouTube video and end it with a good laugh or some chocolate ice cream.
  6. Get Involved. There are countless clubs to get involved with. Force yourself to join one and make friends in the process.  By joining clubs, I’ve been able to go on free trips all over Wisconsin.
  7. Finals. Enough said. (Tip: check the library for free coffee and red bull…free stuff is everywhere during finals.)
  8. Start a Routine. Buy a planner and make a to-do list. Time management is key and the faster you make a routine, the more you will get accomplished.
  9. Continue With Your Passions. Whether your hobby is acting, athletics, singing, public speaking, snowboarding, volunteering, or designing, continue participating in your favorite activities in college.  Yes, academics are important, but make sure you save time for some fun!
  10. Be a rock star. Seriously, don’t be afraid to show your individuality.  In college, people really do embrace differences and your craziness can have a positive impact on the surrounding community. Be you and be awesome. :)

So that’s it! Ten simple things. Anyone have any advice they would add?

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