ABCs of Parking at UW Oshkosh

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Hello Everyone! Here is our follow up blog to Nathan’s Vblog on parking at UW Oshkosh. For those of you who are thinking about bringing your car to campus while living in the residence halls or simply by commuting to class, here are my ABC’s of parking at UW Oshkosh.

A lways come early when commuting to class. There are almost always spots open. But sometimes those spots might not be right where you need them to be. Get to campus before your class starts so you’re not stressing out!

B reathe. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t find a spot right away. You will find one! :)

C onsider walking or biking. Sometimes on cold Wisconsin days I don’t want to walk outside. However, if you’re going somewhere close by it can be faster to walk or bike. (And healthy, too!)

D ifferent needs pop up depending on if you commute to school or if you live on campus. All commuter students are guaranteed a parking pass for commuter lots. There are also permits available for evening parking only, for those of you with one or two classes at night. If you’re living in the residence halls and received a parking permit, you’re going to need to decide WHERE you want to park your car. Different permits are available for different needs. For all parking options please view the UW Oshkosh Parking Website.

E nvelopes with your parking information will be sent out in August each year!

F ree parking on weekends is available. Starting Friday at 4:30pm you can park anywhere on campus for free without a pass. If you have friends or family visiting on the weekends they don’t have to worry about paying for parking.

G et to know Titan Transit’s bus route. Sometimes the best way to get to campus, when you have time, is to just hop on the bus. Titan Transit is free with your student ID, making it an ideal mode of transportation for residents who do not have a car on campus as well!

H elp is always available for unique situations. For example, if you plan on using the 24/7 Halsey Computer lab after midnight just call parking services with your vehicle information to park without receiving a ticket.

“I worry about parking my car in outlying lots late at night.” Here at UW Oshkosh there are a lot of safety programs in place to ensure security of yourself and your belongings. Click here to review campus safety options.

J ust when you think you’re out of luck, remember there is plenty of street parking in the nearby neighborhoods. While street parking won’t replace your need for a parking pass its great for quick trips to campus and as a last resort when looking for a spot.

(I decided to stop at J. If you have more questions about parking, maybe I’ll finish the alphabet…:) )

I encourage you to visit the UW Oshkosh Parking Services website for more information. They have a great FAQ section. Or you can contact me on Facebook. I’ve most likely been in your shoes before or know someone who has. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I would love to help. And if anyone else has any parking tips feel free to share them!

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